Posted by: nativeiowan | August 10, 2017

2017 V8.1 on the road

I am siting at Brisbane International airport. And I got a ticket to fly… got a ticket to ride too…

As usual, it’s a long story… for now I am content to sit n drink a nice coffee, enjoy the rattle n humm of the lounge where people congregate in preparation for their respective travels.

And Brisbane International is a humming place… a cross roads of Asia and the Pacific.

It is a humming place…

Me, I am just cruising…

Friday August 11 2017, flying to LAX from BNE. Hit LAX is about 17 hours. It’ll be Friday morning there, when I land. So some time travel is required in order to have loads n loads of fun. And fun on 2 wheels, I might add…

I am flying over the big pacific pond to hop on my trusted Triumph and ride. I am looking forward to it… Simply enjoy the long lonesome roads the USofA offers the intrepid 2wheeler. Off the top of my head I expect to pass through: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansa, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Wyoming, Maybe the Dakotas, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, some of Montana, and Nevada. If I go into Michigan need to add Wisconsin an Minnesota.

So I hit LA Friday morn. I’ll grab a taxi to Pasadena. Wake Connie up. Get into “my” apartment, and start sorting my bike out. It has been sitting for 24 months. Even longer… Was August 2015 when I parked it after my last long-ride. This bike is a new one… I had traded my pervious Thruxton in when I got back from the ride with the Aussie boys. I had traded it in but had never really rode the new bike much at all. Cant really remember but I doubt it has 200 miles on the clock.

So I’ll hit the ground running, get the bike charged and then send it over to the shop to be serviced in the afternoon. All things being equal I should have it back Saturday some time. That means I can ride as early as Monday.

Still trying to decide what my first leg will be. If I can get out early enough I’d be keen to aim for Texas… Been hankering to look Uncle Teddy Selman up. Pasadena to Orange is only 1700 miles… 3 days. Three long days.

Or maybe a quick run up to Missoula to see the Filardi tribe. Perfect time of the year to ride in Montana.

Time will tell. First is the servicing on the bike. Second is a review of time and distances. Third is external needs and demands. Once I sort these things out I’ll know what I am going to do.

I know I need to make it to Iowa. Need to stop by and see my mom in Independence. I would like to do a northerly run into Michigan to see my ol buddy The Dancing Bear. Have a tent in the mountains booked for the solar eclipse on the 21st so that’s a big-un I need to keep track of. My flight back is the 7th of Sept.. So everything needs to be done n dusted within 4 weeks.

Got a new toy I shall be putting to use this trip… A NUVIZ heads up display unit for my helmet… 2017-07-22 18.12.00

It’s a unit that pairs with the phone and does general GPS duty plus camera and music and such. The trick with it is it gives you a “right eye” visual. The map it displays is small, but the verbal directions work real well. I like that it gives speed without looking down at the bike. I have tested it in Aus and so far am pleased with the freedom a heads-up gives me on my bike. As I ride this next trip I will review and write more on this nifty new toy…2017-08-05 16.35.50

To make the NUVIZ work I had to buy a new helmet… My standard “flip front” helmets don’t work too well with the NUVIZ so I went to a full face… Took some shopping but I found one that fits pretty good. Not sure about the graphics on it… 2017-08-05 17.19.36

I first thought it was a spider – cool – but then realised its an ant… which is cool too, I guess…2017-08-05 16.36.02-1

The lounge has just cleared out. The humm has decreased. Makes me wonder if my clock is wrong…

And life is good.

More to come…


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