Posted by: nativeiowan | June 28, 2017

2017 v6.endofagoodmonth

June is usually a good month. Weather, memories of school holidays, fun in the sun, nortamerica without snow… June is usually a good month.

June 2017 has been especially good, even especially great…

George and Martha (RPCVSI and ex-roommates/tenants) unexpectedly appeared in the land of Aus. They were around for Mendoza’s Bday party so they got to spend a night and meet our extended family here. It was fantastic to see them both and have a bunch of fun and smiles and laughter run’ the camp fire…IMG_6179

I do not have many picts of the party. Guess I am not that quick to shoot a pict when we are having sooo much fun. But I can report that the Magician and the Hypnotist and the juggler and hoola-hoop gal and the vintage soft serve ice cream truck were all a lot of fun.

A few picts of the decorations… IMG_6192Look at the bottom… theme of the party was “death by ice cream”…IMG_6190

Tho not many pictures I did take video of the shows…

Adrian and the boys made great subjects for Master Hpynomaker, Dizzy…

Brody got cut in half by Nickleby…

Both made us laugh a lot.

Mendoza’s present from “us” is a neat ol-skool aussie swag. these are water proof, go anywhere beds. Very timely because the boy is heading off to rugby camp next week…IMG_6175

A pict of Adrian – after he’d been hypnotised –  he was a stunned mullet the rest of the night. Son Don with baby Vera and George Meyers in the background.IMG_6176

For the full month Grace and I had baby DawnE with us. She is a sweetie… born at 2.02kgs she is petit, but tough. She and I had a lot of fun. Zai, she and I had lunch out n about most days. She is a cool kid with an impressive vocabulary… Life is good with babies – and dawgs…

Gracie n DawnE crashed out on the terrace…IMG_6012

A road trip usually means a snooze…IMG_6016

Me and my goil friend…IMG_6025

Brother n sister… big bros are good…IMG_6039

Just out of the pool on a chilly winters eve…IMG_6050

pajamas and hat and backpack…IMG_6060

My budding apprentice mechanic…IMG_6072

Zai n baby wrapped up watching TV…IMG_6099

My assistant tractor driver sleeping on duty…IMG_6107

Breakfast is ON the table…IMG_6109

Sunday brunch in the village…IMG_6117

After the walk home from Sunday brunch…IMG_6119

Learning about gravity….

The playhouse queen…IMG_6123

A baby selfie…IMG_6141

Watching Angelo and Mendoza’s field day at Toowoomba…IMG_6142

While having lunch at Rick’s… a nifty 32 ford showed up…IMG_6155

Motorcycle lessons in the back-40…IMG_6162

On the road to Toowoomba… what a cheeky grin… IMG_6139

Look out July… here we come…

More later


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