Posted by: nativeiowan | June 18, 2017

2017 v6.2

Sunday afternoon at the Queensland ranch. Boys home from school for a few weeks. We’re cooking up a mess of spaghetti. 

Growing boys eat heaps. And boys home from boarding school eat huge quantities. If you make good food they eat that. If you let them forage, they eat junk. So I endeavour to cook a decent meal daily for them. I keep decent snacks around… nuts n good juices, rice crackers, plenty of fruit.

At school they eat what they are served. Some of it good enough but most all is prepared in cafeteria style so its not great tasting, rather bland, or over salty.  So I let them decide what we eat and use good ingredients and make heaps so they can have as much as they like.

And I do magnificent things with left overs… Grace made a veggie soup last eve, I have a mince-rich pasta sauce going now. I’ll mix the soup and sauce to make a monster pot of good ol fashion beans tomorrow.

Luv beans…

So what is new on this glorious sunny coast Sunday… What is NEWZ…

A dude with a gun decided he’d kill a bunch of republicans playing base ball… ONLY IN AMERICA!

Not to be crass but the dude was rather inept in that he has injured and maybe killed one lawmaker, but out of the 15 fish in the barrel, he mainly managed to get himself killed, and actually has caused a groundswell of support for gun-carry. My foolish thoughts tell me that if that’d happened in Texas or Montana, where everyone is pack’n, things would have been different. 

Guns and America… Guns in America…  another topic worth discussing, but I do feel this recent act of foolhardy free speech is a sign of the times…

A sign of the times… I disagree with you enough to shoot you, to kill you. 

We have seen on campuses… I dislike you so much and dislike what you say and stand for enough to riot and damage and destroy, to keep you from speaking freely…

And I do that to protect and exercise MY FREEEDOM OF SPEECH!!!

And it is a weird and glorious world we live in… 

It is a gloroious day here on the SunnyCoast of Queensland. Sun is shining and the air is warm. It has been raining so the flora and fauna is happy. Things were getting a bit dry a week or so ago. So the grass is green and the roses in full bloom.

And life is indeed good…



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