Posted by: nativeiowan | May 21, 2017

2017 v.qiuetsunday

Merrily fatigued. Got up this morn, started watching some newz n a buddy, Smitty, showed up on his VFR Honda. Had some coffee n breakfast n chatted. My son Don is visiting n he n Smitty are good friends too. We finish yakking then I get my Bimota out n say to Smitty, “let’s ride”… he did not have a lot of time so it was a short n fast ride thru great country…
I have owned this machine for 4 years n turned the clock past 1000 is today. It is a true exotic, and quite a ride. 

Got home n son Don decided to go on a ride too. Don is an accountant and very risk adverse. He is not a biker at all. But he decided he wanted a road trip… So he got on my custom BMW n we did a bit of 2 wheeling… out thru a mix of urban n country for a couple hours just to get him comfortable with riding. 

I took the dutchess which is a true bitch of a bike to ride… I am still feeling abused… 

When all done we took the Shelby Cobra to lunch…. 
A good friend sent me a measage discussing modern us politics.. 

All I could say wuz …

Trump who?
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  1. Dang, the Bimota … craziest suspension on the planet.

    All the best,


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