Posted by: nativeiowan | May 9, 2017

2017 v5.3

John Lee Hooker plays “this is hip”. The winds blows brisk. The sun is hot, shows an intense glare. This is Hip lil baby…

I sit on in the ridges of Guadalcanal. I look out over Iron Bottom Sound. The day is hazy. I can convince myself I can see a faint outline of San Jorge.

San Jorge Island is the second largest island in the Isabel Province, Solomon Islands. The island lies at the southern end of Santa Isabel Island and borders Thousand Ships Bay. San Jorge has an area of 184 km2 (71 sq mi) and has less than 1000 inhabitants living in four villages.

The first recorded sighting by Europeans was by the Spanish expedition of Álvaro de Mendaña on 21 April 1568. More precisely the sighting was due to a local voyage done by a small boat, in the accounts the brigantine Santiago, commanded by Maestre de Campo Pedro Ortega Valencia and having Hernán Gallego as pilot. They were who charted it with its present-day name, San Jorge, and also who named the narrow channel separating San Jorge from Santa Isabel Island as the Ortega channel after the commander of the expedition.

On a clear day you can see San Jorge pretty well. I’m guessing it to be maybe 60 miles from Honiara… I’ll check… not far wrong.

My hounds all hide from the sun. They seek the deep shadows where the breeze blows well. They are good dogs.

I have a few days of work to do here in Honiara, then I fly back down south. I don’t spend much time in Honiara unless I have to. Its a city. I don’t do cities very well. Never did. I find them difficult at best. Great to visit for a reason. not a place I am happy living in.

It’s be a bit redundant but I’ll publish a number of picts from my recent time out West. I know. Lots of pictures of the water and the islands… buts thats what we got here… lots of islands and lots of water…

And Life Is Good…

running home a bit late… Always enjoy night runs…2017-05-01 18.50.33

San Bis resort… well worth a visit if you ever get to Gizo…2017-05-02 17.32.20

San Bis as the sun sets…2017-05-02 18.38.06

As usual, an eclectic group of wayfarers and wastrels were hanging around for a fun night filled with conversation and lies…2017-05-03 23.22.31

Son Don, married ikiribati… 2 yr old Dawn thinks she is competent. Give her a couple years and she will be… Gilbert women are always impressive… 2017-05-06 11.37.052017-05-06 11.37.08

Don’s lady, Joanna, with baby vera…2017-05-06 12.08.23

Pretty good seas for our playing and games… 2017-05-06 15.56.40

Leaving Liapari, Gizo in the distance…2017-05-06 17.31.29

gotta be impressed… what a magnificent planet we do dwell upon…2017-05-06 17.33.08


  1. Nice aluminum skiff in the first photo …

    Best regards to you, to Don, to those sweet kids, and to the rest of the inlaws and outlaws,


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