Posted by: nativeiowan | April 30, 2017

2017 v05.HappyBirthdayGranny

I sit on my most recent lunacy, D.D.ICE. ice off klbga

Have owned ICE over a year and have not utilised it at all. It has been a cumbersome project. A hard project to get a handle on.

I admit that I am prone to lunacies… I have a “thing” for bikes and cars and boats. I have a “thing” for off-grid adventures. I have a “thing” for risk taking. And ICE is sure a off grid, risky lunacy, thats for sure.

So I sit in the wheel house. A nice breeze filters in through the opened door. We rock gently. It’s about time I get up and “do something”…

I have SIBC (Solomon Islands Broad Casting) on the computer. I like the daily programming. “Money Matters” is on now. I really like the news in Pijin. You can stream it all via…

It has been raining. Gizo harbour is pigmented with the red clay that has been flowing down Gizo hill. The skies are overcast, grey/ blue. The harbour has a brisk chop. The kids commenting to school via dug-out do so slowly, careful not to get too wet. 2017-03-11 07.52.01

I sip black coffee, eat a sweet biscuit, and think about shifting to Babanga Island… I want to get off the wharf. Go drop the anchor. Spend some time on the deck pulling lines, raising sails, testing all the running gear. I am sure some of the blocks are seized. I’ll put Abraham up the mast(s) in a bosun’s chair. Have a bit of nautical fun.

If all goes well we should aim to do a run up to Choiseul. Run the engines for 40hours nonstop. Stand watches, go somewhere, see something. I am ready to be untethered from the wharf.

Got a couple nice views of a rainbow over Kolombangara yesterday… Something magical, provocative with rainbows…IMG_5838IMG_5842IMG_5844

Today is my Mother’s 90th birthday. She still lives in Independence, Iowa. I wish her a very, very happy birthday and hope she gets another 90, she deserves it… P1030510

And life is good. Very good.

More later



  1. Hey, amigo, looking good, thanks for the photos. You still planning to sail/motor the ICE down to Oz?

    And please pass along our very best wishes to our beloved mother, the divine Ma Kettle, on her birthday.

    Best love to you and the entire tribe,


    • Dude, you still in Fiji?
      I have 100 roses being delivered to Ma. ph# is +1 319 334 4124. It’s my sister’s house she is staying at so she’ll not answer but she will be there. Give her a call. She’d love hearing from you.
      Weather between Solos and Aus now very not-good. Forward predictions show heavy winds n seas out the the SSE, for the foreseeable future. So all plans to transfer to Aus on hold… maybe until October when the season changes.
      And live is very good.

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