Posted by: nativeiowan | April 26, 2017

2017 v4.waiting for my flight

Brisbane International departures … 

Just had a nice coffee delivered by a very cute gal. 

I sit in a second story lounge watching the bussle of travelers below. 

Woke at 4am. Moaned a bit and remembered my fall from the Segway in the eve. I rattled my hips n right shoulder a bit. Gracie laughed when I fell.

After the groan I recalled flooding the bathroom. Yep, after supper I started the bath then sat down in front of the TV n fell asleep. You got it, I dozed off n forgot the bath and flooded the big bathroom. Got some of the carpets in the closet wet. Ran a fan all night trying to dry things off.

I hear someone in the peanut gallery holler “wanna buy a lottery ticket?”.

I am flying off to Honiara in an hour or so. Always nice to go home, back to those marvellously warm n fucked up Hapi Isles we know and love so much. 

Traveling very heavy. Checked 3 bags, about 50kgs of gear in. Most is stuff for ICE. A few kgs of coffee, a couple kgs of cheese, odds n ends for the boat. 

The coffee machine hisses. The roar n vibration of powerful jet engines can be heard n felt. The lounge I am in is library quiet. The smell of fresh toast scents the air.

And life is good…



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