Posted by: nativeiowan | April 7, 2017

2017 v4.0

So it is April. First quarter of the year gone.

The world is still on fire, from within and without. But then the world has always been on fire, somewhere, somehow, all the time, the world is on fire.

I think of my youthful combustion and zeal. Fuelled by poets and prisoners. Incited by longhaired radicals, raggedy believers. Ignited by bodies in the mud, crimes, and lies. And presidential disgrace. We felt as if we had “won” something.

Just read an article about the YOUTH OF RUSSIA and their zeal…

I listen to, read, digest the news daily. Had a real fun one yesterday… IMG_5816 The boat grounded after it “shit a submerged lateral marker”… made me laugh. Luv solid, honest reporting!

Speaking of which… BREAKING NEWZ… I note that the US just dropped bombs in Syria. Hmmm… interesting times. An act of aggression, overt aggression by the US of A. Against Syria… Hmmm… I am not very hawkish but I might be convinced to agree that it is about time Syria got reprimanded for killing it’s own people with GAS.

Did the Assad regime Gas it’s people. Most decidedly yes. Was this last “gassing” an Assad attack? Some say yes, some say no.

But argument over yea or nay is a planned diversion.

I do believe that the past administration was too verbal and too inactive when it came to Syria/ Assad. Too many damn lines drawn in the sand, for my liking. Bluff talk only works when it is periodically backed up.

Going to have to read up on this to decide what I think. But the fact that Assad had “destroyed” all his nerve gas stock piles may now well be proven to be a bold face lie.

And I have  a habit of not trusting proven liars.

But… BUTTT!!!!… We be talking international war. We have been here before. Are we repeating history, again, and again, and again…


Where are we? What are we doing here? Who out there does not understand that we are living in an era of conflict?

My neighbourhood is pretty cruisie.  I can leave my doors unlocked. I ma lucky.

But I know neighbourhoods that are not. Check this out for a bit of a look at our world in conflict…

We have no scope, no concept of the unspeakable horrors so, so many innocents endure.

One quick modern example: The Kobanê Massacre was a combination of suicide missions and attacks on Kurdish civilians by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant on the Kurdish-held city of Kobanî, beginning on Thursday, 25 June, and culminating on Friday, 26 June 2015.[6][7][8] The attacks continued into 28 June, with the last remaining ISIL militant being killed on the following day. The attacks resulted in 223–233 civilians dead, as well as 35–37 Kurdish militiamen[4] and at least 79 ISIL assailants.[5] It was the second-largest massacre committed by ISIL since it declared a caliphate in June 2014.[9]

We (I) sit and watch the various news services.

I am a centrist. I do not support a political team. I do not/ can not encourage the actions of either the LEFT or the RIGHT. I hear rhetoric. I hear Rhetoric. I hear RHETORIC. I hear little else.

The President of the US of A ordered missile strikes on airfields in Syria.

I know from intimate experience that throwing a punch, “Throwing A Punch”, is not something one does lightly.

Is your punch is thrown inappropriately? Even wrongly?

I know that you can, I can appropriately throw a punch. There are situations that warrant and even demand an appropriately thrown punch.

But I have, I confess, throw inappropriate punches. I have had my arse kicked in the streets more than once. I have a dead nerve through my face from one such testosterone poisoned party. My story (and I am am sticking to it) is there we at least eight big RenBel boys packing into a little car. I remember one guy came out swinging a heavy-footed microphone stand.

Its all started because of an inappropriate punch. Well, there was a girl involved too.

So we balme it on testosterone poisoning.

What do we blame this recent Aggressive Action on?

Assad being a murdering sumabitch? Trump being trigger happy? Obama being a pussy.

Before the NEWZ came in I was going to right about happy things…

This picture is giving the scale of the space I have to squeeze into in order to fight the leak coming into ICE through the rudder shaft. To th right of my foot, and under the hydraulic ram operating the rudder is a tiny, cramped place where I need to use tools and make things happen. I have found the appropriate “bilge-yoga” poster that allows me to actually sit down and take a reasonable amount of time to do the job. 2017-03-16 11.21.21

This is a picture of David and Jackie Fegan. Having lunch on a Sunday in Honiara.IMG_5732My son, Don, with his pigs. Yes, Don went to school in Iowa and loves his livestock.IMG_5636

Don’s daughter, Dawn, and I…IMG_5722

looking toward Gizo town…IMG_5630

Pat Purcell on ICE…IMG_5713

Ice and Pursuit tied up at Gizo…IMG_5628

Best fish n chips in the world… Gizo, Solomon Islands…IMG_5711IMG_5710

Moving onto ICE. A lot of cleaning was done…IMG_5627

Full moon night, DD ICE @ Gizo, Solomon Islands…IMG_5706

Luv the Solos… Commuters @ Gizo Harbour…IMG_5642Gizo lagoon…2017-03-16 10.35.34



  1. Hey Manivaka, you still in the Solomons? If so, hoping to catch up with you sometime June/July. It would be a rare treat. George

    • Keep me posted.

      • Doing 2 weeks in Oz, then coming into the Solomons on the 27th (couldn’t think of a better birthday present for myself then for me to be there), out to the Arnavons on the 29th and then over to Gizo for a few days on the 4th of July (couldn’t think of a better birthday present for the USofA then for me not to be there). Where are you hanging your hat? Where are we going to get together? Let me know your schedule. Cheers, George

      • George, in Oz. Mendozza’s birthday party the 24th here on our QLD ranch. Got a bed for you… come play

      • G,

        Where in OZ you be? Gracie, 2yr old granbaby, Dawn, Big dawg Kuma, and I are an hour north of Brisbane on the Sunny coast. Best reference I can give is we are about 10 minutes away from the Big Pineapple. We are alone for the next week. 2 grandpups in boarding school, Mendozza and Angelo, come home for a couple weeks as of the 14th. Son Don, his wife and baby #2 Vera arrive here the 21st. Mendozzas 12th birthday bash on the 24th. Got magicians and hypnotists n jugglers n fun planned that day. You backpacking, hitchhiking, camping, or highflying? Come play.

      • We’re going out to Uluru for a couple of days, then over to Cairns to snorkel the GBR before its all dead, then down to the Canungra valley for a quick relax and some wine, then up north of Brisbane to party with an old friend. We’re flying around on some of my Qantas frequent flyer miles and my small gains from my tech stocks. Send me your particulars and we will plan to get up your way on the 24th. Party sounds like a hoot. I was hoping for pony rides, but if you are having a hypnotist, maybe he can convince me that I got one – or maybe that I am a pony. Either way looking forward to seeing you and your clan. George

      • George, great to see you guys… I don’t have an email for you so replying via my blog. Just looking at my travels in August… I should be riding through Georgia in mid August so may stop by for an eve if you’re home n not busy… Smiles

  2. 33 Palmwoods School road, palmwoods, 4555. Ph is 0401050757.

  3. Mike, Let me know your August plans. G.

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