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2017 v3. HoniaraTime


Sitting up on the hill, enjoying the placid blue of Iron Bottom Sound. About 1030am and maybe 24c/ 80f. Sunday morning coming down in the Big Mango.

Yesterday I had a relaxed morning with a meeting scheduled at a local cafe at 130pm. SO I puttered and read through the morning then went to the Mendana for lunch. After the past 10 days in Gizo I thought a fancy sit down club sandwich would do me. In Gizo I lived on the fish and chips. Each pub or eatery had their own version. Some was better but all were good. Fresh Kingfish or Tuna is grand. but my favourite is Hump-Head Maori Wrass… who out there has feasted upon this fin delicacy? A CETIS listed endangered species… The fish is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red list and in Appendix II of CITES.[12] Species numbers for the humphead wrasse have been declining due to a number of threats, and very tasty indeed…

A dingy lil over-the-water affair in the old KHY waterfront, I think it’s called the Sea Front,  sells a massive feed of the best, THE BEST, fish n chips I can recall. Big fresh chunks of endangered species with a pile of honest kumara chips and a salad. All for about 10.00USD.

I rate this as one of the best meals I have had in ages and ages.

Any one near Gizo should make an effort and check it out. Mockson is the owner of the place. It is dingy and a bit unwelcoming. It is a waterside bar first and foremost. A desperate array of nefarious looking personages hangout there (most are my family), but there is an upstairs dining area away from the bar. Breezy and bright, I highly recommend it.

I depart from this trip with a sense of positivity, an optimism, if you will. For the first time in years and years… for the first time in a long time, I see a positive change here.

Most dramatically, the streets of Honiara are cleaner than I can recall. Gone are the piles of plastic and greasy papers that normally punctuate the urban landscape. No longer  are the old oil drum rubbish bins full to overflowing. The rubbish is being collected. By whom I am uncertain. It is the why that I tried to understand…

Why is the rubbish being picked up. Why are the streets reasonably tidy.

The answer appears to be rather simple… The Tourist Ships are back. The first weekend here I saw 2 vessels arrive and depart. While in Gizo I saw one ship arrive and depart.

Amazing what a change a bit of tourism can make.

My faithful hounds lie about in a confused array of postures…

We have 5 Rodeasian Ridgebacks here… Bean, Iowa, Lauru, Scarlet, and Rhett. They have a tough life, no doubt.

I have been 17 days in these islands. I had forgotten, over the past 16 months, how down right beautiful it is here.

Considering I spent 10 days on DD ICE (DD stands for “Diesel Duck”), working pretty much every day cleaning and fixing, I can say I feel better, happier and smarter than when I showed up. Maybe I was getting a bit too retired down in Aus, over these past many months. Maybe I need more to challenge and drive in me. Maybe, but I do know I enjoyed being on ICE and have throughly enjoyed my time here. I will be back soon.

ICEBound photos… 2017-03-14 21.08.02

The stern/ rudder-tube area where I spent much time doing Bilge Yoga and my office onboard – nice view, eh?

Pat Purcell hanging and the view from San Bis jetty…

Local commuters in Gizo harbour and The Fegan with Abraham after a long day of fun.

Life is good



  1. Nice stuff, thanks for the photos and the story.

    Best love to the various and sun-dried,


    • In the language I know here the word kokondo means dried in the sun. Many of those types around here. Smiles

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