Posted by: nativeiowan | February 26, 2017

2017 v2.26

An overcast heavens. A heavy dusk. Fruit bats fill the sky. Forbidding omens?

It rained earlier so the air is light, clean.

Looks and acts like it will rain again soon.

Winter is on the way. Nights are cooler. The pool is much cooler. I have been running the pool-heater. 32c / 90f is the target temp in the eve. SO far daytime temps have been about 29. But as the air chills and the wind blow. a 90 degree pool is pretty cozy.

Spent much of the past week on the road. I like driving/ riding. I like the solitude of keeping your eyes on the road.

Had the boys home this weekend. Got new in on Tuesday. Transfers with Nick n Bren a couple days. Took the triton to Clifton. Lets see…

About 2000ks all up. About 25 hours on the road. And it all mad eve happy.

My family knows I do not chatter when I drive. I comment. I note things. But my concentration is on the drive.

Got a date with the Solomons this week. Fly off Thursday morn for a visit to the Haps isles. My first visit in 15 months. Must be getting old!

Have been having fun discussions with old friends lately…

W.E. does and interesting blog I highly recommend…

Have been chatting with Beardski lately. Heard from Henry Kellam III. My Granddaughter Lucky 13 turned 2… gg-2

Talk about BAD Blood… this gal got it all… Lauru, Munda, Vella, Iowa… A proper B.B. for sure…

Nick and Bren Makin stopped by on their way through Oz… it was great to see them… img_5592Had a lovely eve together. I am soooo happy when ol friends like Nick n Bren stop by and we enjoy each others company as if we’d not seen each other for 4 years. It was a gas!

Life is good

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