Posted by: nativeiowan | February 19, 2017

2017 v2.quietnight

Where are we? Somewhere in mid-February.

It is a quiet, warm night here in Qland. I sit out side by the pool… img_5570

img_5579The critters of the night buzz, hum, and click. A constant cacophony of chaotic critter noises, eh?

I smile.

I recently was discussing the nasty topic of “politics” with a compadre. Now, my bud and I do not all the times see eye to eye. But we are buds. And as buds do you piss each other off. Sometimes we – either or- exaggerate for effect. Some times -either or- end up with sensibilities bruised.

Our topic was the questioning – right or left – of the political persuasion of a person in your life. And the effects therein. Golly, these past few months of political overload have sure been divisive.

I think of a niece of mine. Educated, professional, smart- smart, best mom in the world kinda gal. With strong liberal leanings. When she posted one of those “made to insult” sorta’ ersatz news items stating that we could blame the “red necks” for DJT. I had to point out to her that the majority of her male-blood-relatives were then blameable. (and a few of her female-blood-relatives too)

We are all in the same small boat. Being rude don’t work a’tall.

I am from the flatlands. Iowa. It is a good place. A good place to call “home”. And I acknowledge that there are many, many places throughout the USofA, where honest folk work hard for an honest wage. I learned respect at a young age. I know what an insult is and I know being insulting is rude. I know that rudeness can lead to an arse kick’n. I know that rudeness can lead to tears. In the right neighbourhood, rudeness can lead to lead poisoning.

Is one president that much better than the other? I know a good administration can be more desirable than a bad administration. I know that bad leadership normally do not end well.

I think of being at sea. Or better… on the Starship Enterprise… Capt. Kirk do not put decisions up for a vote. He do not make a committee meeting out of it all. no, he asks his various advisors/ specialists/ Spocks/ Scottys for their relevant assessment. From the info supplied by his advisors he makes any and all decisions.

Speaking of being at sea… ice-off-klbgaPacking to travel soon to board and enjoy ICE.

A chart I am getting ready… img_5566What is there about going to sea? preparing for the sea? Shaazaammm! Dunt know but there is something special in the air.

Maybe its my 52/52 Triton? img_5567

Just pulling her out from a long hibernation…img_5560

6T 395480 – From everything I can glean this number is a fake…img_5561(Like much of the newz these days) Somewhere in this old gal’s past her engine numbers were filed off and new numbers given. Everything about her mechanically makes her a 52.

The frame numbers are difficult to read. The research I have done leads me to believe the frame is a 52 wide-line Norton featherbed.

What is a 52/52 Triton, I hear you ask? Oh, and what is a featherbed? And, oh, I say, who really gives a shit?

About politics or motorcycles…

I do. About bikes, anyhow… This is a really rare beast. You get a triton when you combine the fantastic frame, called the “featherbed” made by Norton Motorcycles, with the ever speedy 650cc Triumph engine. The 52/52 is of course a designation for its year of production. So both frame and engine appear to be 65 years old.

Tritons were not a factory build. Every Triton on the planet was built in a small garage by a group of guys who loved speed. Frames from one bike, engines from another. No two Tritons are the same.

The fact that the numbers here appear to be faux, kinda makes sense. In years gone by many an engine or frame were “found” in unlikely places by unlikely peoples. If an engine’s history was a bit suss, you could change it by giving it an new identity, a new serial number.

You built a Triton for one reason only… for SPEED.

I have had this machine on the back burner for some time. To get the right “tins” for her I had to stand in line and wait for a master tin maker to produce what I required.

And they are ready. triton-tinsI’ll have them soon. It’ll take some time to get them sent over from the States. So I prepare the 52/52 to head up to Genius Jim’s place. He is going to start making this ol britt babe all shiny and new.

I do look forward to it.

The night sky here is rather quiet. Gemini and Cancer in the sky. Mars and Pluto setting. The sky is inky dark.

The pool is warm.

Life is good.


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