Posted by: nativeiowan | January 24, 2017

2017 v1.3

Damn, I say Damn!

Been a while. Been busy. Been real, fun-filled busy. Where is January going?

My Brother, The Rooster, was here with his family for a couple of weeks. 2016-12-27-19-34-49

Did not take pictures but he flew over to join a fun, kid filled NY Eve’s party we had. His two kids and Mrs all enjoyed the Sunnycoast.

A milestone for Grace and I… After 10 years raising two small boys, a) the boys are no longer small and  b) both Angelo and Mendoza now in Boarding School.

Almost done with the old folks… can you see the anticipation in the boy’s eyes?2017-01-23-08-35-05

Mendoza starting his career in Boarding school. Now in the 7th grade, he is learning to be a mature, cooperative student in a very competitive system.2017-01-23-10-22-15

Gotta luv a cool uniform…2017-01-23-08-11-47

Hans has been around… He spent a lot of time hang’n by the pool in his undies… 2017-01-20-17-13-07

I even got him on a bike… 2017-01-21-09-06-52

What else: Ice at anchor with Kolombangara in the background… nice PICT!ice-off-klbga

More later


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