Posted by: nativeiowan | January 6, 2017

2017 v1.0

The Virgin Post…

The 1st for a New Year…

I’ll probably get unfriended for the “virgin” comment…

As the New Year begins, as the Old Year transpires…

What profound thoughts and words of wisdom can I offer my faithful readers?

Golly, gee wizzz… Theoretically we are all one year older, one more shared revolution round the big-star… One would assume, hope, even pray that some growth had been attained in the past year; AND, that there is some vision, some PLAN for the FUTURE…

I sit out on the terrace of my Queensland home. It is a nice place. A very nice place.

Lots of open space, beautiful weather, a relaxed atmosphere. Good people around.

A very slight drizzle is cooling my shoulders. I hear rain coming. It sounds like a bunch of termites in your tropical home. (How many of my faithful readers have lived in a topical home where, I swear to god, you could hear the termites munching away?)

The rain becomes a sprinkling on my keyboard. I am sitting at a very special teak table my buddy, Big Dave, built for me. He used old-world craftsmanship to produce a functional work of art. It feels and smells wonderful.

An umbrella keeps the computer from getting wet, though a single drop sits heavily on the mouse pad. My back is pleasantly damp in the cool night air.

2016 was an entertaining, event filled, and amazing year. All I can say is WTF? Who woulda’ thought? As we roll into 2017, WTF, who woulda thought!

So, rather than dwell on the past I would like to look into the future… what does the future hold? Who knows?

I do. I know that very soon both Angelo and Mendoza shall head off to boarding school. I know that Mendoza will cry himself to sleep for a few nights. I know he will find his feet and grow to understand and maybe even enjoy the “BOARDING” experience.

I know that Angelo will struggle to stay focused but I also know he will achieve some impressive results. It is his 3rd year at Toowoomba Grammar. He shall do very well this coming year.

I know I shall get ICE over from the Solomons – soon -. And I know that ICE shall change my life. ICE is a very cool boat… ice-2017This pict was taken by drone, at Olosana Island, Western Province, Solomons Islands on 26/12/16.

I know that Gracie has been smitten by ICE.

Gracie and Mendoza got to go home to the Solos for Xmas. She spent a fair amount of time on Ice and now thinks of it as “her own”. She is looking forward to Ice arriving and being able to start her catharsis from just an island girl to a yachtie.

I know Gracie is looking forward to being without the responsibility of having a “dependant”. She has committed the last ten years to raising Mendoza and Angelo. She has done a commendable job and deserves a break from the role of “Grand Mother”.

I am not truly convinced that she and ICE are the right couple. I kinda thought that ICE was my project. Not sure if Gracie being enamoured with “my boat” is a good thing. Time will tell.

The recent weeks have been pleasant. Bro, Rooster, and his family have been visiting. It is way cool. His kids, Eli and Elora, have been hanging with the boys. His wife, Melita, and Grace have been doing a lot of nothing together. Everyone is happy. Some times.

Did I mention that another Hemmer baby was born on the 21st of December, 2016?

Meet Miss Nova Hemmer… untitled-2-copy-2         Paul and Betsy’s 2nd daughter…She has my eyes…

So I know a few things. I have a few opinions, a few theories. I do have many hopes and dreams. I am still the enduring optimist.

Rain just came hard…

gotta run…





  1. Always good to read your thoughts and catch up … love to you, the girlz, and the dawgz …


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