Posted by: nativeiowan | December 24, 2016

2016 v12.twasthenightbeforechristmas

Twas the night before christmas…

7pm on the 24th of December. Christmas eve.

Angelo and I have been batch’ing it. We have enjoyed the quiet house, the domestic simplicity.

We have not done much “for Christmas”…Our Christmas tree is small but it is happy…


We have enjoyed sharing a quiet house.

All will change soon. Brother Rooster and his tribe will arrive from Germany Monday afternoon.

Grace and Mendoza will come back from the Solos in 7 days, next Friday.

So we aint got much time left. Gotta enjoy the privacy and quietude and relaxedness while we can.

Angelo and I spent today preparing for our guests. We cleaned and made beds and got ready for the Hemmers from Garmisch.

In the last few days we have mowed the grass and tidied up and got the tent out. We are really looking forward to the guests arriving.

Tomorrow we will go over to “Uncle” Joes. His  lady fair, Maureen, is preparing a banquet. We’ll head over for Queensland Chrissie Lunch on the veranda about noon. It’ll be a very entertaining time.

I very much look forward to the Rooster n his tribe. Been a few years since I have seen them. I think they will have… we will have a very fine time together.

Yippee, the Hemmers from Garmisch are coming to Queensland… I look forward to seeing the kids. It always makes me smile when”The Kids”, the pups, get together… when the cousins get to meet and have enough time to become friends.

We are planning a neighbourhood NY’s eve party for kids – of all ages… I like creating memorable events. And this shall be a very memorable one. The Queensland circle of The Universal Family will mix n play with the Garmisch tribe.

But tonight, The Night Before Christmas, Angelo and I are being quiet.

We have been running on a couple of pots of left overs – a veggie soup from several days ago, beans were added a few days ago, I tossed in some meat somewhere along the line, and yesterday turned it into a mexican goulash we ate in wraps. Big Burritos.

Today the last of the left overs got put into a deep fry pan and they ended life in a “one pot wonder”. A bit is left, but if Angelo don’t eat whats left soon, I’ll nail it.

Traditions do hold strong. We are conditioned, in a good way…

I think of all the Christmas eves/ trees I have shared in my life. Some are very vivid.

I can picture trees from the farm in Knoxville. The house on Middle Street, Jackson Street, 412, Alta Vista. I left the US right on 37 years ago. I flew out on the 11th of January, 1981. December 1980 was my last Christmas as a resident in the USA. That was in Alta Vista. My Grandmother was still alive. Golly, all the nephews n nieces were babies. The folks owned the INN there. It was a fun, a grand time.

Since 1980, I have learned to be a tropical sorta Christmas dude. I have had several “white Christmas” trips, back to Home. But they are always very fudged up. Snow and ice and below zero temps simply cramp my style. Give me a green, sweaty Christmas any day.

Today has not been too bad. The temps have dropped from the hot, hot of late. The pool is brisk again. The grass is getting greener. It is very pleasant outside.

I will finish this and go have a quick dip before I close the house up, put whatever I have left out, away. And finish the one pot wonder…



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