Posted by: nativeiowan | December 6, 2016

2016 v12.2 political overload

Ok, I am done. Not going to ponder, reflect nor argue on the hows n why of where we be. I am done. PERIOD

I am though thinking about the many timely topics which have arisen from the very entertaining and highly debated past number of months. Soooo many  topics involved and sooo much peripheral discussion. Sooo few topics disected thoroughly. Sooo much bullshitttt….

Today I have been thinking about the topic of “The Southern Wall”, “Govt in business”, “Free Trade”and “Labour Immigration”.

Actually I have been discussing this all with a long-term debating partner… I like longevity… Bski n I have been debating since about 1985. I lose track of time, I am getting old.

  1. On the topic of immigration, free trade and subsidies I wrote:
    You know I am a serial entrepreneur. Like you, Since I was 10 I mowed lawns, shovelled sidewalks, humped hay, delivered papers, etc, etc. I sold my services right left and centre for over 40 commercial years. I did not manufacture or extract but I DID, and have always made money DOING.
    My experiences have taught me that
    a) if it do not pay, it do not stay.
    b) subsidies simply do not work in the long-term. In my thoughts protecting an industry weakens it.
    c) regulations are required but habitually go TOO FAR. Like Unions, regulations have had a place and time but after a point they inhibit, not promote growth.
    d) I wrote on this topic as chair of the SI Camber of Commerce… I wrote that the government needed to provide the infrastructure required then get the hell outta the way.
    e) I am not a fan of free trade agreements. I know there are times where I am not 100% right with this thought pattern, that there are times where trade agreements can be beneficial to all parties, but such is rare.
    f) a catch 22 of sorts??? Lose the industry and end up with 1000 new homes on welfare assistance, or bail the company out … which costs more? Maybe let the natural transition occur?

2. WALLS NEVER FUCKING WORK. They cant. Especially when there is big money/ gain involved.

I think of an island tale… The old TradeCo store in Gizo – a big quonset hut near the market on the water front… They had an ancient (and very cool) safe. It was no less than 1.5m high x 1m deep and wide. Big brass handle on it. I remember it’s green paint with nice pin striping.
So, the safe at TradeCo… woulda weighed 400/ 500 KGS… 1000lbs easy.
It was in a locked building that had a fence around it. It was in the manager’s office so there were no less than 3 locked doors between the safe and the outside. A family of lived at the back of the building being the caretakers/ security guards.
One morning the store opened to find they had been burgled. The safe was gone. It was later found over on Loqa Island in the mangrove swamp. It had been beaten open using chisels, hack saws n crow bars. No power tools were used to open the safe, but the damn thing had been opened… and moved… across water!
My point? The fences, the doors, the safe did not stop the would be perps from getting the money. Me thinks that if there is financial/ personal gain then there can be found motivation to surmount most any barrier.
As well, it is well noted, the land-route for smugglers of any kind is only one of many options. So… me thinks the Wall is BullShit!
And, as mentioned herein, if the gain is great enough there shall be graft. I think I read that in the bible… there shall be graft.
As with the TradeCo matter, I recall that the security/ caretaker dude had been paid off and eventually spilt the beans on the safe-russling crew.
I have said this for years… the one way to diminish the profitability of drugs (of any kind) is to legalize them and tax the fuck outta them all. Prohibition kinda figured that out, no? Once it is legal and regulated and taxed the price will fall and the “bootleggers” will disappear.
I also mentioned before (noting I am not an authority here) that the info I have tells me that IF illegal labour was stopped, the US economy would suffer. We are as addicted to illegal labour as we are addicted to drugs. So… I guess we need a path to legalize the labourers?
Dunno, need to think it out noting that Aus and Kiwi have special Visas for short-term workers.
I also note the Aussie parliament has just struggled with trying to tax this labour market. They wanted to go as high as 30% but (I think) have settled on 15%. I also note that the tourist/ labourers are struggling to accept such a high tariff. It is a huge controversy… The average Aussie will not pick strawberries in 90 degree heat for 20.00 and hour (yes 20.00 an hour). Soimported labour is very important to this land.
I note a 3rd generation strawberry farm down the road from me … they have just started turning their strawberry fields into a turf farm. I assume its due to the bleak future for labour intensive agriculture. As well… Turf here can sell for as high as 10.00 per square meter, and is in high demand, so indeed economic forces of many kinds are at play, but… the strawberry fields will soon be gone.
In ending… nothing will stop an intent-ful criminal… nothing other than the financial return of the act NOT being worth the risk.

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