Posted by: nativeiowan | October 26, 2016

2016 v10.Nice Bike Ride

Took off this morn to go visit my buddy jim at Blacktop MotoWorks…

Nice ride…


Jim’s place is way cool… I should have taken pictures…

Jim has been working on my TR6 , which will be on the road soon…2016-10-14-11-28-49

Has my 69 Atlas… 2016-10-13-10-15-49

And just sold me a Royal Indian “Woodsman”… woosman-copy

I own a 57 Royal Indian “TrailBlazer”… 2016-10-21-16-33-52

The Royal Indian is not a real common, or even respected bike… but… They are rare… rare as complete 59 Bonnies, as rare as a low-mile 52 Tbird…

This is an amazing Barn-Find… one that will eventually be in the same shape as the “Blazer”…

It has everything that will be important.Jim will bring her back to showroom-shape… This will end up being a kickarse compliment to the Blazer.

The Woodsman… As Is…wdman-5wdman3wdman4wman1

So, one more bike on my stable… stay tuned to this channel to see how the “Woodsman” turns out. Irt shall be a thiaang of BeAutY…



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