Posted by: nativeiowan | October 23, 2016

2016 v10.SundayReviews

A very pleasant Sunday afternoon here. I am baking a banana cake. Drinking some nice wine. Should be doing some tidying up….

Grace and Mendoza are out on their Sunday date. They are going to church but they leave early, noonish. Head to the local mall and have a look around. Buy something un-required but never the less cool. Then have lunch before going to church. They’ll be home around 6.

I recenlty held onto some good bananas, planning to make banana cake… The two I put aside – forgot about days ago are nicely overripe… And 2 new contestants sit on the counter, not as overly ripe but nice. Time for banana cake…

I do not really follow a recipe when making banana cake. Old rule wuz: 1 cup flour for one banana for 1 egg for 1/2 cup of sugar. Some folk add butter or honey or cinnamon or nust or chocolate chips or… 2016-10-23-15-34-08 I add wine to make the process more enjoyable…

And, I added some ngali nuts because I can…

Who out there misses ngali nuts? 2016-10-23-15-49-24

So my banana cake has 4 bananas, 3 cups of flour, a bit of honey, a half cup of sugar, and ngali nuts. I added extra baking powder. Stirred the hell outta it all. It looks as though it is rising nicely.2016-10-23-16-01-55

Most of my banana cakes end up like bad island pudding. I do tend to put more bananas in than required – aint more, better? – but this one looks to be turning out very nicely…2016-10-23-16-30-33

It turned out great… 2016-10-23-17-04-27

The bananas are out of the garden.

I should be tidying things up around the house/ yard. We had Miriam and Solo over yesterday. Miri and Solo are young Solomon Islanders who have migrated to Aus. Solo is a busy electrician. Miri is a mom, lawyer, lovely woman.  A friend of Daughter, Connie’s… they went to school together and both came out at lawyers. But Miri has a 5 yr old, Ethan, and twin baby girls, Elly and Evie. The babies are 4 months old. And soooo cute…

Sorry, no pictures…

They brought Solo’s parents from Mausupa, Are Are.

It wuz a nice islands kind’a afternoon…

I hold out my hand and  say “I’m Mike”… He shakes hands firmly, with the classic island “one shake” method, saying “Solomon”.

I never learned Mommy’s name. She is a classic ol’village matron. Shy, humble, happy, and motherly. She waits on Mr. Solomon. I try to distract her. But she follows him, stays close to him. He eats 3 of the 9 pork chops on the table. She keep pushing food toward him. He consumes all without a word. There are few leftovers.

But Mommy was a bit drunk…

I offered them both a glass of wine. Mr. Solomon had  a half glass and refused more. Mommy drank her first half-glass in one go. So I poured her a second, half-fill. She swallowed it down like medicine… We all laughed.

The twin baby girls were a blast. 4 months old they are funny little devils. The younger one, Evie, is dominant. Elly is pretty laid back. She likes to have her feet massaged.

They left late last eve. We had too much fun. We had too much food. Mommy drank too much wine.

By the time they left it was dark. It was sooo much fun with the kids here. We played in the pool and with the dog.

The pool was great.

the dog loved every minute of it.

The two olos from Mausupa were a bit fearful of my 50kg pussycat… But after they relaxed and I got Kuma settled, it was good for everyone. I told them he loves being told how handsome he is…Mommy kept petting him and says, “nice Bola, nice bola”…

So, when they left, it was starting to rain. W pulled all the yard furniture and toys and implements onto the terrace and went towards bed. We all slept early and woke late.

And I woke in time to watch the Chicago Cubs win their division and head direct tot eh World Series… Yea, go Cubs go…

I do need to tidy up…

My custom furniture which I ordered a year ago… I designed this house with certain furnishings in mind… But it didn’t all come together in time… The snooker table is perfect, but no stools to sit an heckle from…

The tables made vintage Jarrah salvaged from a wool shed in SA… No real rhyme or reason to have tables without chairs… they looked stupid… but no longer

Dining chairs with jarrah table…2016-10-23-15-39-01

Kitchen bar stools…2016-10-23-15-39-10

The captions chairs in the “Sports Bar”…2016-10-23-15-39-37


Yes I am a patient man… The snooker table came late, but looks great. The jarrah tables came late but look great… but the chairs.. the chairs… they look great!!!…

But took ages n ages…

Light sucks… table n chairs, counter n stools, snooker table n sports bar n captains chairs on the terrace…2016-10-23-15-40-00

Besides babies and bbqs and general bullshit…

Been polishing my Royal Indian… 2016-10-21-16-33-52

Nice bike, eh?

more later

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