Posted by: nativeiowan | October 21, 2016

2016 v10.olfartfunandgames

A fine Friday morn here in the land of Aus. I have been out gardening early. Clearing a bit of dead-fall, spreading a bit of mulch, talking to my roses n watering the radishes.

I have many bird-friends here on the property… A very committed couple of Plovers have called this place home for a long time. I saw a new, big Turkey-Cock scratching in the brush. They scratch to build a mound of debris from which they rule their roost. A nice, big Kookaburra has claimed a monster-tree where he sits high and laughs at the world below. A pair of big Iguanas live in the drainage, but I have not seen them for a while. Migratory birds of uncountable flavours, colours, and calls come and go regularly. A couple big White Ibis have been hanging around down in the corner. Wood Ducks have been around lately. The Magpies and crows come and go, come and go.

The smell of My Roses fill the air. The wind-chime giggles in the slight breeze.

My Roses have to be my ultimate favourite garden resident… The Rose Garden is right outside my bedroom. I open the doors up wide and the room becomes part of the garden. The perfume is a constant cozy companion. img_5114

Have mentioned before how My Roses bring me close to My Grandmother. Granny always had roses around. Her Roses scented the world around here. She used a rose perfume and the scent of Roses always brings me close to Granny. I have her bible. Its till smells of her perfume.img_5115




In the backside of the shed Gracie has a small veggie patch. We have radishes, spring onions, kale, egg plant and peppers…img_5119

The radishes are doing great, but everything else is struggling…img_5120


I am blaming the lack of performance on the seeds. But patience is required. img_5122

And life is good…




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