Posted by: nativeiowan | October 20, 2016

2016 v8.0BdayBoogie

Been remiss in reporting on a very important Ol Fart Party I threw for myself. Some of my faithful readers have been to parties I  have thrown in the past…

Well, this one beat ’em all..

My defence is that It Wuz Time For A Party… We were just finishing off the development of the property here in Aus, I had a birthday coming up and, well, most importantly, It Wuz Time For A Party.

Normally I’d kill a pig, n send the boys fishing n go cut wood n the mangroves n buy a mountain of grog n hoot-in the tribe to cook for a day and a night and feed the whole town. Normally I would… but I am getting old. Thats kinda the point.

So I rolled the dice, did a web-search and found Mask Event organisers… and and ‪#‎oldfartfunngames‬

I basically handed The Party over to Mask… namely Rebekah and Amanda. I gave them skeletal instructions… 1) I wanted a Swing Band, the bigger the better. 2) I wanted to invite 30 people… roughly 10 kids and 20 big kids. 3) I wanted entertainment. 4) I wanted it to last 2 days.

Sound like a party yet.

So the Mask Ladies and I talked about what wuz going to be what… I wanted good wine with bubbles. I wanted a good bar with a real bartender. I wanted a slow gastronomical experience with music and dancing and fun interspersed.

And the MASK LADIES blew our socks off.

Wine flowed…mike_verve_gold-tealight_grey-pot_flowers1a

The grog was plentiful… mike_bar-letters_spirits1a

The Bar Was Bitch’n… mike_bar1a

Care for a fine CiiGarrr…. mike_cigar-bar1a

This is early eve as the party is starting. The campers in the pict are the over-night accommodation for this who intend to imbibe. Note the gals on stilts pouring champers for the arriving guests…mike_whole-shot-day1a

Mike_stilt walker1a.jpg

Lit up for the festivities…mike_whole-shot_night1a

The Belly dancer was entertaining…mike_belly-dancer_drum1a

The Fire Dancing wuz HOTTT…mike_fire-girl1a

There is a fair amount of self-study that can come with Bdays in general. Do you feel older? Are you older?

But I wuz too busy enjoying this party… Too bizzy having fun and drinking and enjoying good fun and great company… I was too bizzy to feel older…

But I did the next day… And thats another story…

More later

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