Posted by: nativeiowan | October 15, 2016

2016 vPolitical rhetoric

Sunday morn here in the land of Aus. I am drinking fresh carrot/ beetroot juice n watching the news.

Or is it the Bluez?

The US election cycle is ultimately entertaining. It is better than fiction or farce. You could not spoof it better.

And while Clinton and Trump sling mud on each other, the world burns.

But at least the US will not have “boots on the ground” in the Mid-east… as they send another 5000 troops.

And Mexico will build for a wall on the Southern boarder. Then we’ll watch US crops rot in the fields and toilets go unwashed.

Of course the election is rigged. No matter how you toss the coin, a lying, thieving political creature will win every seat.

Russia is, again, the blame for all thing evil and bad. And that is comforting.

And the US electorate eat shufflefuls of shit n propaganda.

As a expatriated yank I find it all embarrassing. Shameful.

Nothing new though. nothing new…

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