Posted by: nativeiowan | October 15, 2016

2016 v10.Saturday-Jazz

A nice Saturday afternoon here in the land of Oz. 23c in the sun.A cool breeze blows and the wind chimes giggle.

15th of the tenth month, 2016. Star-date 16200289.

I am listening to Jazz and cooking a pot of beans. My big dawg-friend, Kuma, dozes on the terrace. He likes jazz too… How could life get any better?


And a lot is going on, quite a bit to write about…

  1. Miss E.V. Hemmer was born sometime late yesterday or early this morn. I don’t know the actual time…ev E.V. is my 15th grandchild, and Don and Joanne’s 2nd girl. Ed, 2016-06-06 16.00.22 is their first. She’ll be a great big sister, and she has great taste in motorcycles.Cousin, Angelo’s, 14th Birthday is tomorrow, the 16th. He is out now, with Zai, shopping for his Bday present(s). He gets to decide what he wants/ gets. It’ll be interesting to see what they come home with.
  2. Bobby D. got the Nobel Prize for literature. And I think that is just way, way cool. I have always marvelled at/ about/ as per Mr. Bob Dylan. He has been the poet laureate for my generation. I have marvelled that his songs have been sung in churches, and at protest rallies alike. But, for all his appeal… he sings like a dog with his leg stuck in a fence. Now, don’t get me wrong… for me, Dylan is a profet, a saint, a beacon, a poet, a messenger. I am “into” Dylan, have listened to everything he has ever produced, been inspire and uplifted, confused and perplexed… (still trying to figger out Lily and the Queen of Hearts). My hat is off to Mr. Bobby D.
  3. I have finally been issued my retirement visa for the land of Aus. All up, my endeavors to obtain semi- permanent residence here in the Land of Aus has been going on for 6 years. I am relieved. And happy. Happy mainly because I get to travel again… for the last 8 months I have been on a “bridging Visa” which meant I was stuck until I got their answer. I had to apply and gain approval to travel to Fiji in May. These past 8 months have been the longest I have sat in one country for over 10 years. So, my feet do itch, but most importantly… it’s all over. I have my Visa which allows me to come and go. To spend as long as I like here. I am very pleased. And shall be traveling very soon. photo-on-15-10-2016-at-2-46-pm
  4. full moon tomorrow night… Harvest Moon…
  5. Life is guuuud…
  6. Smiles

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