Posted by: nativeiowan | October 14, 2016

2016 vbitch’b Bikez .2

I ran “up the range” today… The Range being the “Toowoomba Range” here in Queensland.

But before I ran up to Toowoomba, I shot over to Clifton to see my Brit-bike-buddy-genius Jim Blacktop.

Jim has been breathing new-life into a 1966 TR6SS.

I have written about the TR6 before. It is a sexxxxyyy n sleek ride. An honest 60’s Brit-Babe. It was reportedly Steve McQueen’s favourite ride…

quote-unquote: The TR6 Trophy is a motorcycle that was made by Triumph, in Meriden, from 1956 to 1973, when it was replaced by the five-speed 750-cc Triumph Tiger TR7V. During this time, it was a successful model, particularly in the US. The competition variant, popularly known as the “desert sled”, won numerous competitions throughout the late 1950s and 1960s. The bike’s appearance inThe Great Escape and Steve McQueen’s fondness for the model are well known.

Mine is designated as a TR6SS. SS being an unusual suffix meaning it was an model made for US police use.

2016-05-23 13.12.16

This bike is an interesting mix n add… The frame is from a 69 while the engine is a 66. Tank and tins and wheels and forks are all correct, almost. It is an interesting bike with an unknown history…IMG_2610

That was before, this is now…2016-10-14-11-28-49

Aint that sumthun? Jim has done an amazing job. And there are some interesting stories, but, DAMNNN…2016-10-14-11-28-53

Jim has done a full recon. It will now be a licenced, reliable, ridable bike. And it makes me smile.


Aint that sumthun?

She is not quite 100% .Front end is not “true”, the front brake is not right, but she starts and shines n smiles…. golly! What a sweet looking machine!

I went up today to deliver Jim’s next project for me… Not quite a rare machine, just one you don’t see every day… at least not one in its “kinda” original state…

The Norton Atlas was a big, heavy, desirable machine. It had a massive 750cc engine on the amazing “featherbed frame”. This machine is within the last 500 FeatherBeds ever produced…

Loaded in the ute, ready for the 3.5 hour drive to Clifton…2016-10-13-10-15-49


Its a nice drive I have done before. It is always fun, seldom busy or slow, and, round trip, 8 hours, all up – Bike delivery, kid pick up, pit stops, et al.

Did I mention that it’s Angelo’s birthday this weekend and he has come home for a bit of RR.

So I load the Norton for delivery, give it a bit of a clean up. I have owned this machine for over 3 years but have not done much with it. As I load and prepare to deliver I notice interesting quirks… Someone place a 25c coin in the casing for the tachometer. And I think it’s really cool…2016-10-13-10-23-13

It has a rather unusual front hub. Funny that Jim noticed right away that this was a hub normally found on the Norton Commando. Not sure if it was sold with his hub or it comes from a later fix…2016-10-13-15-14-292016-10-13-15-14-33

All old bike (machines) are mysteries waiting to be investigated. This bike has been around for 45 years. It was sold in the US and imported into Aus within the last decade.

I know that much as fact.

It is rego’d, listed, sold as a 1969 model. A lot of history here in that – really – the last Norton Atlas bikes were made in 1968. But some did not get shipped and sold in the US until 69. I would agree this is an honest 69 Atlas. 2016-10-13-15-14-362016-10-13-15-14-432016-10-13-15-14-51

My picts do not show it well, but the Atlas was built around the famed/ legendary FeatherBed frame. And this one is in good nick. 2016-10-13-15-14-562016-10-13-15-15-012016-10-13-15-15-052016-10-13-15-15-16

Its an interesting machine… still using the basic pre-unit contribution that was simple, easy and real, real heavy.2016-10-13-15-15-36

And being a Norton it was classy… I note that Willis Eschenbach remembers this all well…2016-10-13-15-15-50

What a bike…2016-10-13-15-17-20




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