Posted by: nativeiowan | October 9, 2016

2016 v10.bloodsports-HENDO

OK, I admit to saying that UFC was dead… BUT, BUTTT… Dan Henderson fights today.

So this may well be my last UFC expenditure.

No more tickets or T shirts or Pay-per-Views… After, golly, how many years… UFC 1 was and remains a seminal moment in our modern sporting culture. It changed my world.

So, the ol dawg, Hendo goes back in the ring. I watched his last fight. Very much enjoyed it. Love watching the ol dawg do some arse-kicking.

My pay-per-view is just starting. I need 11 yr-old Mendoza to hook the black-box to the TV in the sports bar. He is in control of the viewing. I just pay the 59.99 AUD and watch the events transpire.

I gotta say that Lisping is very unlikable. While Hendo is ultimately like-able.

Lisping plays the “heal”. He insults and bad-mouths n snarls n insults. Hendo is just an all around good competitor. A Greco-Roman Olympic competitor, Hendo is a real serious competitor.

So it is happening. I’ll watch the entire card and see if I can be enticed to consider a future UFC expenditure…

And now… Get ready to RUUUMMMBLE….


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