Posted by: nativeiowan | October 5, 2016

2016 v10.bitch’n bikezz

Ok, Won’t finish this in one go, Need to write up 2 bike-dudes, but dizzy n not enough time to write too much…  but I need to make a few comments about a two very important people…

And surprise, SURPRISE! its all about bitch’n bikezz…

  1. I was just up at my Buddy Jim’s shop in Clifton, QLD…

Jim is the Brit-Bike genius I have spent 6 years looking for. He knows his stuff! And is doing an amazing job referbing my 66 TR6SS. The aim of the work Jim is doing for me is to make the TR a licensed, dependable, ridable machine. And he is damn, damn close…




I am soo stoked over this project. It will be an amazing bike that will turn heads and bring smiles to many ol-farts like myself.

2nd… I have been talking to my mad-Brit-Buddy, SteveO, at Carpy’s Customs…

SteveO built the BB 750 for me…


We’re discussing another project based on a 900 Thruxton I have sitting n doing nothing in Pasadena.

And life is good…


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