Posted by: nativeiowan | October 3, 2016

2016 v10.teenageboys

My teen age boys are quite amazing. They and their peers can consume huge quantities of food, on a regular basis… They graze like wildebeest… all in their path is consumed… unless its green….

Saturday we had a couple 14 yr olds n a couple 11/12 yr olds… A couple small kids and maybe 10 adults… I made a huge pot of vegivorian-pumpkin beans and a huge pot of meativorian-beef beans. And 40 wraps. That lasted about 2 hours.

And that was lunch. No Joke.

Supper was a big sirloin bbq’d as one piece.

There were heaps of leftovers…

Today I took the leftovers n made a big lasagna dish. Mendoza ate half of it.

So… I have been hang’n with the pups for the last few weeks… we’ve mowed a lot of grass. Had friends over and bbq’d heaps. Mostly hotdogs…Had our bon fires n eaten way too many burgers n fries n shakes… It has been a good school break.

I have gained a couple kilos. I am now addicted to burgers n shakes… gonna have to go cold turkey…

N life is guud…

And its time to head back to school.


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