Posted by: nativeiowan | August 31, 2016

2016 v8.1

Damn!!! Damn!! Damn!

August is shot in the arse. Where did it go? My favourite month of all, all 31 days of it, gone in a flash.

But what a flash it has been. As usual, August has been a great month…

You may ask, “Why is August your favourite month?”, and I would answer, “Leos Unite!”.

And what a month it has been!

Planetary events, Epic Parties, Road Trips, and More… Visitors and guests, and family old n young, magicians, fire makers, and wine… loads of wine…

We had a pool party and, well, sadly I think we are getting old… we had heaps of wine left over, but it was a great 2 day party… ‪#‎oldfartfunngames‬

Paul’s family spent some time with us. Lucky 13 is my 13th gpup born on the 13th of the month. She is a force. An identity. She has a fearsome vocabulary. And loves yogurt…2016-08-01 20.15.512016-08-01 20.15.522016-08-01 20.15.532016-08-01 20.15.542016-08-01 20.15.59

My almost favourite car… The Feganmobile….2016-08-02 16.13.53Fresh produce on the stove….2016-08-02 16.44.072016-08-02 17.10.122016-08-02 17.10.28Lenny n Lucky…2016-08-04 16.36.422016-08-04 16.36.43

Bikes are important in my life… My #1 Fav is what I call “The Joker”…2016-08-07 16.18.19

Was polishing the 57 Indian…2016-08-08 16.23.212016-08-08 16.23.29

Did you see the sky in August? 5 planets in the sky at once. lots going on. Plenty of energy…2016-08-08 17.50.51

Kuma and I hanging outside…2016-08-09 17.30.112016-08-09 17.30.24

The 69 Atlas… what a beast…2016-08-11 12.48.28

Getting ready for a road trip with Lenny…2016-08-11 13.20.36

We road north to Bowen and back…2016-08-12 08.30.002016-08-12 10.47.312016-08-12 17.59.162016-08-12 18.03.432016-08-13 08.44.242016-08-15 14.23.18

Finally got the pool filled…2016-08-18 09.18.382016-08-18 15.13.11

Hans and I took a trip to South Australia…2016-08-26 10.41.072016-08-26 10.45.012016-08-26 11.10.262016-08-26 12.03.13

Went to a footie game…2016-08-26 19.03.32-12016-08-26 19.03.32-22016-08-26 19.03.332016-08-26 19.05.252016-08-26 19.05.492016-08-26 19.20.20

Stopped at several Hungery jacks…2016-08-27 12.39.012016-08-27 12.39.03

Drove many a lonesome mile…2016-08-27 14.33.022016-08-27 14.33.072016-08-27 14.33.09

Ended up at the Arno Bay Hotel…2016-08-27 15.22.102016-08-27 15.22.132016-08-27 15.47.382016-08-27 15.48.172016-08-27 16.10.372016-08-27 16.10.382016-08-27 16.11.482016-08-27 16.19.542016-08-27 17.24.442016-08-28 11.01.032016-08-28 11.01.20

The trip was tiring… 2016-08-29 10.52.15

But back home, and the new pool is fun…2016-08-29 18.08.102016-08-29 18.09.222016-08-29 18.09.31

Tonight I cooked a big pot of veggie stew…2016-08-31 14.33.022016-08-31 14.33.06

And remember… 2016-08-31 14.33.51

See you in September…

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