Posted by: nativeiowan | August 7, 2016

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A quiet Sunday morn here in Queensland.

Winters here as gentle. Today is overcast, a bit windy but very gentle. The sun is currently peeping out from behind the clouds, sending a welcome bit of thermal warmth through the windows.

Started this morn on a discussion about “sinking islands”. A chapter in the Global Warming books which offers more fiction than fact.

I ponder as per the ability of mankind to constantly, all ways, demand a soon-to-be  catastrophe. Why do we have to have the sky falling to be happy?

My research this morn took me in some interesting directions which I shall share here…

So, to start… and to be sure I know what I am talking about, I shall do a bit of home work here and see where we stand… I do think that Kiribati, as a nation, is doing pretty good, overall, economically…

My research sent me to a good read which i think helps a lot here…

Are the “islands” sinking or shifting, or moving, or changing?

I started this because of a comment I read in another venue… Untitled 111 copy

Now, to be clear, I took umbrage with this statement… “The effects of climate change may soon render the islands uninhabitable”.

I have taken the time to search for facts regarding the sinking islands. I challenged the statement…

There is heaps of emotion. Too much emotion… here’s a good one…

The pictures alone evoke emotion. But the article is skimpy on facts.

I know I am opening myself up for a bit of backlash. Too many people emotionally have bought into the sinking islands scenario.

Did I mention I own an island that is sinking? It’s in the Morovo Lagoon. Rovana is a large volcanic island. We’ve been there about 20 years. And the coast line has changed year by year. The eastern side of he island is the weather-side. It has big waves crashing along the coastline. The erosion is constant and considerable. Every time I visit I notice change. More trees in the water. More large boulders rolling into the tidal zone. The lagoon-side is a combination of mangroves and rubble. Less prove to visible change.

My very amateurish observations here have been that the erosion on the weather-side often coincides with build up on the lagoon-side. Over the years I have noticed the “hole” where we anchor our boats has gotten shallower.

As well. I own a large piece of waterfront property in Gizo. And it is sinking too. But it is sinking because it is a reclaimed mangrove swamp.

It was reclaimed at least 50 years ago. Coral boulders, old tyres, tree trunks, old steel frames from ancient vehicles… everything and anything was dumped in the swamp and a sizeable waterfront area was developed. And it is sinking at a rate of knots.

Over the almost 30 years I have been there we have dumped tons and tons of fill onto of the old fill. And it still sinks.

Must be Global Warming…



  1. Here ya go, the Unsinkable “Sinking Atoll” Meme.


    • Yep

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