Posted by: nativeiowan | July 31, 2016

2016 v7.2

Last day of July, 2016…

My, how time flies when you be having fun…

7th month of the year complete. Over half way through the year, and only about 100 days from a US Presidential (and Congressional) election. I guess the US election cycle has dominated the news. But there are other important matters to pay attention to… The upheaval that is the Syria/ Iraq civil war(s) continues. Iran and Russia are a US allies. North Korea has declared war on the USA. Sorta “end of times” stuff, if you believe in fairy tales.

Is there some “Happy-Newz” out there to report? Golly, that’ll take some research… Damn, gotta dig deep for “happy news”…

The Olympic Games in Rio start this week. It has been a conflicted Games. Zika, The Russians being banned, so many sporting stars dropping out of the games… hmmm, not real happy, eh?

Maybe I am going to have to work hard to find positive reports for the month of 07/ 2016…

So, I change my tone… I could report that in July 2016, 412 people were shot in Chicago, leaving 65 dead. But if Mr. Obama don’t give a shit about what happened in Chicago, why should I?

Instead of discoursing on the world, politics, and the fucked up state of affairs we generally live in, I will talk about grandbabies, bikes, boats, ink, dawgs, n fun n games that an ol fart can have if he ain’t too fussy…

Had Don’s baby, Ed, here for quite a while. A toddler means you must be on your toes. It means the house is filled with laughter – or – tears. It means the house can be awake or asleep at odd hours of any day. It means there is no real schedule, noting the child sets the schedule. It means that the ol-folks, Zai and Pappa (grandma and grandpa) are happy all the time…2016-07-14 14.39.47

Paul’s baby, Lucky 13, showed up as Ed was preparing to head home. It is amazing how these two, about the same age, can be so different. Lucky is socialized and is very articulate. Her vocabulary is impressive. Ed is more the lil princess, she haughtily points and grunts. Gets her way through silently instructing the caregivers. Lucky yells, demands, tells you what she wants in a bossy voice. Ed has since left but Lucky, Betsy, and Paul are still here. When they finally depart the ol folks will start arguing again…2016-07-17 11.57.13

Not the best picture… But lucky was not happy being left in my care. She was howling and pretending that if she cried enough she’d be rescued… Once the camera was out she alternated between smiling for the camera and howling at the top of her lungs. Caught her in the transition between tears and laughter here…2016-07-21 19.05.23

All the babies like Big Bro Mendoza. He’s a good guy. Maybe a bit rough but he is still young enough to be fun and big enough to be useful… 2016-07-25 19.11.59

Had the Bimoto out for a day of riding. A rather unusual machine. 110hp on 167kgs… very light, very fast, and not very comfortable to ride. Corners better than a video game bike. It leaves me shaken and smiling for days…2016-07-23 16.46.24

Bike projects abound… been cleaning and getting both the X75 and the 52 Tbird ready for the road. Both should soon be licensed and ready for legal road use…2016-06-06 12.44.462016-06-06 16.02.042016-07-09 18.55.43-3

Ice is now in Gizo. I am unable to fly off and have fun on it. Too much happening here in the land of Oz. But Don and Hans have it well cared for. Maybe in the next month or so I’ll get everything here sorted and can fly off for some time on the water…ice copy

Kuma has started his annual shed. It is a plague when a big, hairy dog sheds. He spends most of his time outside now. He has been digging big holes in the yard to show his unhappiness…2016-07-23 16.47.24

Got new ink the other day… If you don’t understand “The Itch for Ink”, I cannot explain it. If you have an inkling -pardon the pun- you will understand how maturely excited I am over getting a limb totally completed, totally inked. Another 6 hours under the needles and my right arm will be a work of art… There will come a day that I do not have any more skin to ink thus I will have completed my Te Moko journey and then can relax. But that day is a long ways off…2016-07-28 14.55.58

Now, wasn’t that more fun that discussing the Bluezzz…



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