Posted by: nativeiowan | July 29, 2016

2016 v 7.2

Ok, the long, drawn out, painful stage one of this US election cycle is complete.

Stage One of course being the primary process for the nomination of the Party Candidates.

And what do we have… ???

I am not sure!. I wish I could discourse articulately as per what I have studied and what I have deduced. But I can’t!

I am too confused.

But let me try… and don’t throw stones if what I perceive is either left or right of what you perceive… we can still be friends even if we don’t agree politically…

Trump is a big blow hard, monied, ego ridden dude. No doubt about that.

Hillary is a creature of The System. No doubt about that.

Bernie got reamed up the corn-hole (no doubt about that) and I am unsure what he ended up rolling over for.

Cruz tried to be altruistic, but failed abysmally when he broke his promise, his oath to the RNC to support the winner of the Primary-Process. He is a liar. No doubt about that.

I think a few guys came out of this with honour. Ben Carson is one I see who has been honourable. Others, namely Jeb, are with Cruz in their dishonourableness.

I hear respective candidates and supporters telling us, with devout certainty, how bad the other will be. I do not think this is attractive. … ” – Trump will destroy the economy – Clinton will remove guns from the hands of citizens – Trump admires Putin – Clinton is owned by Wall Street – “.

But none of this is meaningful… it is all rhetoric.

Where are the facts?

Sure, Trump is a blow hard businessman who is very dislikable. Sure, he has done some shady deals, been sued, sued, has been a bankrupt, has a stable of clever lawyers, puts his name on buildings, etc, etc.

Sure, Hillary is a creature of the Political System. And as such I do not think she is her own “man”… She has too many secrets and too many debts. Note that The Clintons have had no less than 2 dozen friends, associates, partners, or employees die mysteriously.

Neither is the shinning personage of democratic vision and future promise.

But they have been “nominated” by the democratic process. Is the system flawed, corrupt or misleading?


I have for decades felt that the modern democratic system as we have experienced, and are experiencing is controlled by powers above.

Remember the movie “Being There”?

When I was young I felt fortunate that the US had a very robust democratic process. As I have aged my youthful enthusiasm has been trampled by broken promises, blatant abuse, and what I perceive as a disregard for The Electorate.

I have always sought truths and facts, researched my life’s decisions, and thought that a democratic vote was  a valuable thing.

But the modern day facts as I see them push me away from the electoral system…

Oh, maybe I am asking too much.

As far as I can see, facts simply do not matter to the “system”.

Am I asking too much?

So billions of $$$s have been spent on this “democratic” process. The American electorate have been given the chance to voice their desires, and, for better or worse, the contest is between Trump and Clinton.

Would not have predicted this outcome 12 months ago…

And I remain very confused…

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