Posted by: nativeiowan | July 23, 2016

2016 v7.1

Wow. WOW!… Did I say WOW?

This election cycle is sure interesting. Maybe more entertaining than interesting, but interesting none the less. And in a way it is very annoying. I see too many people getting emotionally involved in the rhetoric spewed by the various candidates, from all sides.

I was discussing all with a friend of mine today…

My take on it since about 1972 has been this: I have a democratic ballot to cast for the highest office in my home land. My vote does count. My vote is important.

I campaigned for McGovern as a kid. Cant remember why. He said he would End The War. I later was interested in Andersen from Illinois, can’t remember why, but he turned into a prick and went Independent after he lost the nomination, and proved to me he had been lying all along. (Cruz kinda reminds me of Andersen) I was even interested in Ross for Boss but he turned out to be a fascist in capitalist clothing. I once thought Jimmy Carter to be a good man, and was probably not far wrong, but I always pegged him as a pretty uninspiring leader. I don’t know why he could make me listen but could never inspire. I always waited for him to strike that match and light my fire. He never did. By the time Obama came around I was way too jaded to be fooled, again. 

Since I turned 18 and was eligible to vote I made a point of registering. First as a Democrat and later as an Independent. But I never voted. Never once. At any level of the democratic process.

Why did I never vote? I never found THE CANDIDATE that grabbed me. Made me feel interested and supportive. Made me think they were not a lying, fucking piece of political dog shit. I never found The Candidate that I felt was worthy of my vote.

So, now I am a centrist. I am of no team. I wear no colours… blue, red, or otherwise. I watch and comment as I see fit. And wait for the candidate that I can vote for.

I am not disagreeing with anyone out there. But I am not agreeing with you either.

You may be one who thinks I should vote. I have been told I MUST VOTE. Here in Australia you are fined if you don’t vote. But I very fervently feel that my vote is valuable. Very valuable.

So why should I give my vote away cheaply. Why should I simply choose to be an opposition team, to vote against someone or something. I want to vote. I wish I could find a candidate I could vote for.

My problem may well be that I am too informed? Ignorance is sometimes better than knowledge.

I make a point of never entering into important decisions without being fully informed. It’s a bad habit I should really break.

How many people out there have researched their political party’s platform?  Here, let me help you …[1]-ben_1468872234.pdf

So, where are we… July is ending. People are being killed in the streets daily. Politically motivated attacks are frequent. (You think ISIS or BLMT or KKK are not Political?) Fear is a common commodity being purveyed in the media.

How much is different from, say, 10 or 20 years ago?

November looms large. It is indeed an important election.

Will the world end if we have another 4 or 8 years of the failed Obama policies? Probably not.

Will the world end If Trump builds walls and tears up trade agreements? Probably not.

Will we enter an age of enlightenment if Johnston is crowned king of the prom? Probably not.

So where are we? Why all the emotion?

I like the fact people are participating. I dislike the fact that I don’t think many are very informed. Too much emotion rules the day. Too much scare-mongering-rhetoric is spewed, consumed, and regurgitated. Again, and again. A vicious cycle we really must gain control of.

As an example let me offer a very important piece of analysis on the topic of Black Lives Matter Too…

I offer an expert of importance here…

For every 10,000 black people arrested for a violent crime, 21 black people were killed by police (± 2).

For every 10,000 hispanic people arrested for a violent crime, 21 hispanic people were killed by police (± 3).

For every 10,000 white people arrested for a violent crime, 38 white people were killed by police (± 2).

We all need more and better information before we run off angry, confused, scared or supportive…



  1. […] I have written about my position per voting before… So shall not reiterate my stance… […]

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