Posted by: nativeiowan | June 7, 2016

2016 v6.2

Back wrenching and polishing. Always a bit of a mystery, dismantling any old machine. The history of the machine is buried in the nuts and bolts…2016-06-07 16.47.57

Cutting edge for its day. The tri-carburetored system is going to pose a bit of a challenge to me…2016-06-07 16.48.41

The old fuel has turned to glue so I need to take it all apart and give it a good cleaning. Do hope I can retune it properly…2016-06-07 16.48.52

The actual number of X75 units produced is unknown. A number of  engines were set aside for the X75 production run. The engine was used for a couple different BSA and Triumph machines (BSA owned Triumph then) so the numbers designating the TRX75 model have shown up in other 3 cylinder bikes from 72/ 73. It do get confusing. I can only assume this bike with # 1886 was produced later in the 72/73 sequence…2016-06-07 16.51.30

Interesting though… the distinctive “megaphone” silencers are sequentially numbered. These are numbered 71 2956, 57, and 58. 3 silencers per X75 so if we have 2958 silencers divide by 3 we get this bike being X75 #986. 2016-06-07 16.52.11Which holds true to the numbers noting that wikipedia states… 1,183 engines were put aside for X75 production.  Perhaps this is bike number 986 of the 1,183 wikipedia claims?

My world bench is happy…2016-06-07 16.59.22

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