Posted by: nativeiowan | June 6, 2016

2016 v6.1

Winter settling in on us here in Queensland. I am waiting to see what will happen with the sale of ICE. All a bit confused right now. So rather than sit n be bored… I start a new project…

The X75 Hurricane is my life-long favourite vroom machine… 84f30-mercenary2bgarage2bdublin2bmotorcycle2bworkshop2b19722btriumph2bx752bhurricaneIMG_1497I vividly remember seeing one in 1972, and my life changed forever. I was in love. I was besotted. I was irrevocably changed… Then, I never saw another one for decades. I recall seeing 2 different bikes in 2 different bike museums. I was always reading articles and checking out what these were selling for. My buddy, Noel, had a picture of one on the wall in his office at Liapari. I never touched one… Not until I bought this in 2013.

The X75 is a true “Eleanor”.

An Eleanor is something that is rarer than a unicorn.

So I start a dismantle and polish project on my X75… 2016-06-06 12.44.46

First step was to figure out how to get those lovely, lovely pipes off …2016-06-06 12.44.53

Took a couple hours but got it figger’d out, eventually… Needed two reference manuals to make it happen… and an assistant…2016-06-06 15.51.48

Of course I could not have done it all, as quickly as I did, without the help of my 14th grandbabby, Ms Ed.2016-06-06 16.00.222016-06-06 16.00.28

Ed likes sitting on my mats…2016-06-06 16.02.04

She went home to her mama smelling like old gasoline and WD 40… What can we exepct from a 1yr old who is raised in a shed full of vintage vroom machines and imperial tools – and a crazy grandaddy? All the signs of a misspent youth, by the age of 3? One can hope.2016-06-06 16.02.06

And life is guud…



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