Posted by: nativeiowan | May 29, 2016

2016 v5.2

Month of May ending. The night sky has been amazing. Life has been fun. Frenetic activities abound…

So what happened this month:

Went to buy ICE and aborted the trip… Kinda sad. Was very “up” for being a “yachtie” but it is not happening very quickly, if at all. Time will tell per the ICEBound adventures…2016-05-03 14.41.07

Did though get to spend a couple weeks in Fiji. Gotta luv n miss “de islands mon”… The smell of a low tide is still in my head…2016-05-02 17.57.19

After the aborted ICE trip Hans n the gang got to hang n play for a week…

Hans with baby Ed…2016-05-11 20.03.46-2Willis in the SNNAKKE…2016-05-13 13.19.58

Been driving the Snnakke a lot. Fun, fun, fun…2016-05-21 14.16.49

A real win for me and my Brit bikes… I found “THE MAN”… The Man that does nothing but ol Britt bikes… And I am sooo happy… Check out :

So I took my ’65 TR6SS to him to rejuvenate and get it all sorted, registered, and running like a true TR…2016-05-23 13.07.33What a classically beautiful machine… Reportedly Steve McQueen’s favourite bike of all…2016-05-23 13.12.16For the record… this is not my machine. I gave it to Connie ages ago…

Then to top the month off… We had a Birthday party on Saturday. Joanne’s Bday. So we set up tables and seats… made out of hay…2016-05-28 11.00.31Practiced our graffiti skills in the yard…2016-05-28 11.01.00Brought in a bouncy-house and a wood-fired pizza man…2016-05-28 12.42.14And had a great afternoon in the yard.

So… just another boring month in the life of an ol’ fart…




  1. Looks like a good b’day party, best love to all.

    Well done, my friend,


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