Posted by: nativeiowan | April 30, 2016

ICBound v1.7

Whew… the last 24/ 30 hours have been fun, frenetic and friendly… The run to the Coral Coast was grand. This morning was gentle and the drive back to Vuda was relaxed.

Willis is grabbing some Zs. He flew in at 5am yesterday morn… a 9hour flight from LAX after a short hop from Sanoma County and a long wait at LAX. He got to Nadi by 6am, was at the Marina by 7, met and did some yarning with the ICEBound gang then by 11am we did the run down the coast to fun n family and grog n food. He hit the sack at 1am.

So he has a bit of an excuse for his pussi-ness, his nap.

…view from Ryan’s digs up on the hill…2016-04-29 13.02.00

Dusk is on the ocean.

I left Willis curled up (with his sandals on) in his fold out bed. I am sipping a cold ale and listening too the bar chatter. A Saturday night band is playing out on the lawn. A number of diners and drinkers file in as the light fades. I am the guy in the corner stuck in his computer. The lone drinker to my right must be new. He don’t appear to know many of the folk. The 3 single males to my left are drinking white wine, smiling and toasting each other for some unexplained ‘win”. They are probably in the late 60s/ early 70s. They must all be off some boat here but I am the true stranger. And I like it that way.

Hans and Cynthia arrive right about now. We’ll head over to the Hilton – where Hans n Cynthia will stay- and have supper with them. Don has a written schedule for the next few days so it’s getting closer to being carved in stone — We Sail Thursday –.

I do look forward to it.

Not much other to report. I shall be very happy to hit the hay this eve. Its a few hours away and I am sure we’ll have a good meal and a good red and a good conversation, but once its all done, I’ll welcome my rented bed.

More later


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