Posted by: nativeiowan | April 29, 2016


Saturday morn in Fiji.

And, Damn, it happened again… My ol’ mate Willis n I hit the Coral Coast and we have a grand time… Lets see, I first came to this land with Willis in about 1990. That time we were coming back from the US from a joint -drum up business trip- hired a car on a Saturday morn in Nadi, drove to Trade Winds and had a full day, yee haw, arse kick’n 24 hours worth of fun n adventure.

Yesterday, Willis arrived where I was about 7am. By about 10 we were on the road toward Suva.

A group of ol friends live a semi-off the grid lifestyle in an area called Windroka. They surf and live in the jungle and raise gorgeous children and surf and fish…

Well, Hell… we rock up unannounced yesterday about 1pm. We drive up the mountain to Ryan’s place, and yep, Ryan is there. He sends a quick text (they are not 100% off the grid) and Shilo shows up. We drink a few Fiji Bitters and explore their developments and schemes and dreams. By about 5pm we’re in Pacific Harbour hanging with another ol buddy. We hit the jackpot…a BBQ is planned that eve and we’re the first to arrive…

In classes island fashion we end up with about 20 folks and half as many kids and a dog, all running an playing and talking and singing and guitar playing and, well you get the picture.

About 11 we head to the hotel we so wisely grabbed a room at and end up in the bar as the party had moved from the house to the dance floor. I sat and watched and swilled a couple more beers. Guess I made it to bed about 1am.

It was fun, very fun.

So tis about 830am, gotta head back up to Vuda, get ready to be ICEBound.

Life is guud…


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