Posted by: nativeiowan | April 28, 2016

ICEBound v1.5

A brisk breeze blows through the boathouse bar n grill.

I have uncharacteristically chosen to have some lunch. Eating during the day usually slows me down, but Don n Brownie and Jane are cleaning ICE. So I am hanging loose…

We put the boat in the water at 8am. The engine flashed up like a champ. Got to the mooring and went through the systems. We left one valve open as we were lowered into the water so a bit of seawater flooded into the engine room but that’s par for the course. Not enough water to make a difference. But enough to remind us all how much there is to forget…

Ice at the mooring: 2016-04-28 13.17.38

So as the gang cleans ICE, move their gear off and tidy it all up – for me to move in –.

I do look forward to it!

I left them to their duties an hour or so ago. Nothing I can do and even big boats are small inside, so rather than be in the way I bailed, played with my satphone, and decided I was hungry.

So I sit and swill a couple adult beverages and chop down a decent burger.

This is a busy bar. The same staff appear to be on duty pretty much all the time. The big dude behind the bar smiles and chats but his hands are busy. He’s a good tar-bender. The gals all hustle and smile and laugh and chat in the lyrical tones of the Fijian language. The prerequisite dainty-gay-guy serves and chats and, frankly, has better makeup than the girls. Flamboyantly-camp, this guy adds a flair only the camp can deliver.

I really love being back in the islands!

I am still land-bound. Not sure if I move onboard tomorrow. I am hanging to move on but I don’t want to do it until I can claim my own space. ICE is my boat. Its big enough to share with plenty of folks but I shall keep my place my way, not share too much of it with anyone other than wife n granpups etc. But, first, Don and Jane need to clear out from the master-cabin. And yachts are notorious because there are hundreds of small storage lockers. Every bit of spare space around the boat are cupboards of various sizes and shapes. It’ll take them a bit of time, and that’s OK.

Willis arrives early tomorrow, Friday morn. Hans and Cynthia arrive Saturday eve. Fricky next Wednesday. We should be sailing Thursday morn.

Life is indeed good…



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