Posted by: nativeiowan | April 27, 2016

ICEBound V1.4

Sitting in the bar at Vuda Marina, Nadi, Fiji. ICE just got lifted and positioned for a splash 8am in the morn. My second night here. The staff know my name so I am greeted in proper Fiji style, that means by name, by all staff as I walk in.

Hi Mike, How are you Mike, I like it a lot.

Very polite and proper and quite professional. Hans is going to be jealous.

I sip a cold cider as the winners and losers, as the wieners and hot dogs all gargle down grog.

This marina is quite busy. There are at least 50 boats at mooring in the marina. There are another 50 or more on the hard – up, out of the water and parked on land.

A lot of old folks, a lot of americans. A lot of down n out types but I don’t think they’d last long here. This is an expensive place.

So we have Jerry, off a nice little double-ender with a pretty bowsprit. He showers and dresses for dinner before coming to the bar. A Yank, obviously, but he has been here long enough to be known by all the other yachtspeople.

Scott, appears to be a looser. He sits next to me, sips white wine and exudes loserness…. He was here early last eve and left early, with a stagger and a wobble in his boots. I’ll pay attention to where his boat is so I can see if I am right or wrong. A boat tells all about its owner.

Yes, you can tell a lot about folks by their boat. Some boats are worth heaps. Some boats are heaps. This bar filters all and everyone together into one shared reality.

Some are dreaming of forward plans and future adventures. Some are getting ready to sail onto other plans and amazing adventures. There is a difference.

ICE was lifted and antifoul n zinc anodes all finished off, so it’s into the wet tomorrow. I should be moving onboard soon.

A place like this brings all sorts together for similar and understandable reasons. You can hear it in their discussion…

… how’d you go with immigrations… we got 2 months… I was up the mast today… big job… no, just wanted to climb the mast…

I like the idea that ICE is classified as a diesel Duck… it is not a yacht so shall never be a yachtie… Call me A Duckie instead…

I was on the boat when it got lifted by the “traveler”…

2016-04-27 16.31.062016-04-27 16.31.09

looks big, out of the water…2016-04-27 16.44.192016-04-27 16.44.462016-04-27 16.48.28

final stages of antifouling…2016-04-27 16.53.25

Don McIntyre has an evil grin… I simply do not like my picture taken….2016-04-27 16.53.53


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