Posted by: nativeiowan | April 4, 2016

2016 v4.0

Sitting in Palmwoods. Busy, busy… but not too busy to not miss the circus that is the United States’ two party mud wrestling match also called “the primary race” for Party nomination to run for the Presidency. If you are following, I am sure agree with me per the overall entertainment factor of the whole show. If you ain’t in the know, hell… get watching, its more fun than the Oscars.

Whatz to say about the spectacle that be the Primary Race… makes me wonder if there is a secondary race…

But I shall not discourse lyrically about the fudged up political nonsense there-in… but rather, talk about fun, adventure, hardship and, did I say fun?

Preparing to go to Fiji to pick up the “ship” I bought… ice copy

Check this out for a good description of ICE…

Plan is to sail ICE from Fiji on or around 6th May, stopping by Noumea, then onto Brisbane.

I have a crack crew of trained specialists to assist… PB, aka Brownie, is skipper for the trip; HMZ, aka Honeymooner, is 1st mate because he told me buying ICE was a good idea; DF, Frickcenstien, is Chief Petty Officer; WE, aka WE, is Celestial Navigation Officer; I am the greenhorn, doing his first “blue water” crossing. They call me Dammitt Mike.

The trip entails some 1400 nautical miles starting in Nadi. Leg will be a short 5 day run to New Caledonia… Untitled copy 2

Second leg will be from Noumea to Brisbane… Untitled 3 copy

I have set a Facebook page up for grins n giggles…

More to come…


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