Posted by: nativeiowan | February 26, 2016

2016 v2.0

Man, the month of February has just about walked past me and I have been too dizzy n bizzy to write… Lets see, what has been going on…

Have spent the last few months building a new house on our lot here in Palmwoods. Almost done. Lots of work laying grass, yep, we purchased and paid some 400 square meters or about 8 tonnes of grass. Moving small stuff so we now have one house not ready and one house disabled. Sow e are all fudged up.

A fun one… just the other day, Mendoza and I did some killer burgers…

Mikes Magnificent Burgers… Actually, Mendoza reckons they are his invention. He thinks that when we are both old and bored we’ll open a burger place up…2016-02-20 12.01.262016-02-20 13.09.552016-02-20 13.12.592016-02-20 13.20.242016-02-20 13.30.052016-02-20 13.30.092016-02-20 13.33.02


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