Posted by: nativeiowan | January 4, 2016

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Doing some research in regards to the Sunni vs Shia issues on the planet. Much of what I am doing is trying to understand the divide therein. I try to use my basic christian historical knowledge to this but it don’t quite work…

The Roman and Eastern catholic churches originally split over 1000 years ago and have never sorted their differences out…

Why are the muslims arguing? Why are some west leaning and others not? I know a bit of the history… but not near enough… for instance, I did not know that:


The Shia state is locked in a regional rivalry with Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia. Tehran backs the Assad regime in Syria, the Shia-led government in Iraq and Shia militias there, and the Shia political and militant movement Hezbollah in Lebanon. Sunnis, who make up roughly 10 percent of Iran’s 76 million population, face discrimination from the state and are prohibited from building mosques in Tehran. Sectarian violence, however, is rare.


Sectarian tensions in Iraq are eroding the viability of the state. Iraq’s Shia majority largely supports a central government that has alienated both the Arab and Kurdish Sunni minorities. Thousands of Sunnis are rallying behind the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an extremist al-Qaeda offshoot that has seized control of territory in both countries. Thousands of Shia civilians have heeded the call of religious leaders to join government forces in the battle against Sunni militants gaining strength and territory in the north.

Saudi Arabia

In competition with Iran for leadership of the Muslim world, the kingdom’s austere interpretation of Islam is anti-Shia and has influenced many Sunni extremist groups around the world. Riyadh is closely monitoring the marginalized Shia minority in its oil-rich eastern province and is waging a variety of proxy battles with Iran, most prominently in Syria.


So I found a way, way informative site that helps me see things clearer.

I’ll read a bit more before I comment but this interactive map is worth a fair bit of time…



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