Posted by: nativeiowan | January 3, 2016

2016 v1.1

3rd January, Sunday morn here in the land of Oz.

Have been watching the news channels. Nothing real “fresh”, but its all of a sad, sordid nature…

I see B.O. (Barack Obama) is getting ready to enact more gun control via exec-perogative. I feel there are a number things here of import:

a) Though the issue of “Guns In America” is a real issue, I do not see the sense in tying the issue to the issue of “Terrorism in the HomeLand”. They are seperate issues that join hands in the HomeLand but B.O., I fear, is playing a political game – surprise, surprise. I do not see an -if a, then b-progression here. More gun control does not lead to less HomeLand Terrorism.

b) I am confused as well why B.O. is so darn selective in his approach to vocalising and opinionating… As Prez of the HomeLand, we naturally look to him for his thoughts. But I see so much Pezidential energy go into, for instance, The Baltimore shit-fight over cops killing kids, but never, ever recall him commenting on the state-of-the-game in Chicago. Lets see… OK, as near as I can tell Illinois has about the same number of homicides as Maryland. Neither is the “wiener” in the homicide by gun game. I see Missouri has less homicides than either. Hmmm… perplexing at best.

Note as well that B.O. Made a big she-bing of the Oregon shootings, but was strangely less vocal when it came to San Bernadino. How come I trust this guy less and less?

And, as I hear in the news… it’s the last year of B.O. in the white house, which me thinks is good.

Here’s an interesting link worth some further research…

So Iran is breaking their agreements, testing missiles, snubbing their nose at the western world, supporting ISIS, and other jihadist groups… and, I hear in the news, that we need to be careful of not offending Iran and the Muslims of the world by being to reactive.

I simply do not get it! I watched a propaganda film…

So anti-Muslim remarks made in the West are causing us problems, allowing the jihadists to recruit more who are hurt by our words and attitudes…

While the very tolerant jihadists are burning people alive, exterminating christians, turning people into slaves… So, what I take from this is that the West must be more tolerant while the “others” can do what they want… ???!!!

Are we turning into a pussified race of spineless wankers?

Iowa caucus coming up. I am of a long term option that we are being dumped, conned and fucked-up-the-back-door by our political leaders. I know the old line about a democracy producing the leaders the public deserves… but that ain’t right! No population deserves the corn-holing the electorate is receiving.

B.O. Has had 7 years to make things happen… The economy is the worse that is has been in a solid 15 years. I hear arguments but I fear the un-groomed facts bear a different truth…

We’re not in recession but it sure feels like it. Cost of goods (except fuel) are constantly rising. Wages, wealth creation, standard of living, and more simply does not profess a positive progression in society.

Ageing infrastructure, stagnant labour pools, and a preponderance of policy, rules and regs… All adds up, and sends industry/ jobs off shore.

NO, I do not have an answer but I do think we’re being led down the garden path by a predatory pack of politicos.

One interesting thing I heard was that “dual language” education programmes are on the rise in the US, and, that those who come from a dual-language system do better in all subjects than peers in a mono-language system.

Now, consider – and numbers are very loose- that 50 years ago over half the kids I went to school with had another language in the home. Not that the majority were ever fluent, and often a second, and perhaps a third language was in the “home”. I grew up with my Mother’s clan speaking Greek and my Grandfather’s people speaking German. I have made a point of raising my children with their Mother’s language (Babatana), and am proud that they are all fluent. I must comment that my Brother, Roo, has raised his kids as bilingual humanoids.

In my travels I have always been impressed with my friends and acquaintances that have two, three, four and more languages under their belts. Asians, Europeans, hell, even my Britt and Irish friends speak a second language.

Reminds me of an old joke… What do you call someone who speaks three languages – trilingual. What do you call someone who speaks two languages – bilingual. What do you call someone who speaks one language – American.

More later


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