Posted by: nativeiowan | December 30, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… Another year come to a gentle closure…

Last day of 2015. I plan to mow the yard.

Tomorrow is New Year’s day. Grace just asked if we were going to the fire works tonight. Considering it’s at midnight Mendoza and I quickly said no.

You gotta stay up until midnight if you want to watch the show, and I doubt any of us will be awake that late. Grace and Mendoza are saddling up for 18 holes of Golf. Angelo has had a flu bug and is recovering but still not well. I plan to mow the lawn.

This festive season has found the Queensland Tribe working daily on the property. The new house is nearing completion. There is much to do in prep for moving out of this place and into the new… We are clearing old fences in prep for new fences. Re-mulching and moving dirt, filling and leveling and landscaping. Most of the past couple weeks have been filled with happy-work, out of doors. We are seldom awake after 10pm.

So a plan to go down to the beach and watch the fire works may not be prudent. And I plan to mow the lawn.

2015… I guess it’s been a rather good year. Not sure what a “bad year” would be… As I gain in age my view point of good or bad has changed drastically. Life is good. There is very little that is bad.

full moon rising over Palmwoods, 25 December, 20152015-12-25 19.04.31-2

2015 saw new ink, growing babies, and many natural spectacles…

I went officially insane in 2015. Some thought it had happened. Some wondered when it would happen. But, it is official, Mike is mad as a hatter… And I bought a yacht…

ice copy50 foot long, very beamy, 40 tonnes displacement, even a John Deer engine. It carries something like 8500 litres/ 2200 gallons of fuel. Sleeps 5 easily. Designed and built by an Aussie explorer-scientist type guy. Was originally designed for an expedition to Antartica. Thus the name “ICE”. Its strong, safe, and very pretty. Inside it’s a super-yacht.

So, indeed, it has been a great year. A year filled with madness, smiles, adventure, and joy.

Much joy…

More later…


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