Posted by: nativeiowan | December 13, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… Vintage Triton

Doing a break-down on Vintage Triton..2015-12-13 13.46.33

Whats a Triton? Basically, you take a Norton feather-bed frame and put a Pre-Unit Triumph engine in it…2015-12-13 13.46.44

Everything I have stripped off hangs like Christmas decorations on my shed’s wall…2015-12-13 13.46.49

One interesting thing about this is the custom made, home-made bracket that holds the engine and gear box to the frame…2015-12-10 18.23.40

Very simple, very basic…2015-12-10 18.23.44

But very effective…
2015-12-10 18.23.48
A thing of vintage beauty…2015-12-06 13.39.52

2015-12-06 13.48.55
It is going to look a lot different when I am done…very nice looker

This one was aimed to be a road-worthy machine…an honest, vintage TRITON

I’ll aim for it to be a proper “racer”. Something like this maybe…Untitled copy


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