Posted by: nativeiowan | October 25, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… Babies, Wasabi, and Shrimp Tails for supper

Day three of “therapeutic” massage complete. It has been a full-on day…

I slept late, got up, n was down to “the house” about 9am. Found Peter and Ruatau munching a tin of tuna/taiyo, onions and biscuits for breakfast. I love a good “island” breakfast.

After coffee and water I got ready for my first session on the table with Peter. My injured shoulder is coming back nicely. Mobility is very good. The poking, prodding, and pulling has indeed inflamed areas, bruised tissue, and made me very sore. But my shoulder is moving very well. It is amazing but I am indeed being BEATEN back into shape. And it fucking hurts. Two more days to go. I smile like a fool.

And this is my second time to go through such an experience. Sure, call me “Intelligent”.

Through the day Peter was massaged by Ruatau, Ruatau was massaged by Peter, and Peter gave Paul a good, friendly beating.

We had a nice, tropical fruit filled lunch, then watched a replay of the last half of the Rugby World Cup match between NZ and SA.

We are indeed NZ/ All Black supporters. We did not watch the game live and knew the outcome, but it was a good game watch.

Once over, Ruatau took me for an interesting journey…

The beginning of the process was very good. Familiar. The process/ techniques employed by both Peter and Ruatau rely on a certain amount of manipulation of the human frame. They have a 1, 2, 3 process which lulls you into false security. You actually relax. Give into their knowing hands… then they drop a ton of bricks on you.

The techniques employed hurts like nothing I have experienced. Peter’s fingers, and thumb can find points; small points, in-between ligaments, that are out-of-place. He pushes deeper, finds the culprit, spends an eternity petting n pushing an prodding. If/ when the piece goes back into place, usually with an audible “pop”, a sigh of relief is heard between the screams. But if it don’t, we try again tomorrow.  A lot of “try-again-tomorrows” come into place today.

I can now, pretty much concentrate and breath though the pain and the healing. My shoulder is gaining mobility. Old, arthritic, calcified structures are getting broke down, mobility is coming back. I feel much, much stronger. Techniques that were honestly making me break out in an intense swear, and cry like a baby; two days ago, are kinda OK now. I still moan n make sad noises, but I’ve got control of my breathing and can power through the initial shock of pain. That initial burst of arch-light-pain in the cerebellum.

Side story: Yesterday Ruatau asked me for a stone to assist with his massage. I have a large number of stone-aged artefacts, collected over my years in these islands,all  laid out in my “yard”. Very much a Tambu site. I do not to keep the artefacts inside. They belong out in the weather where they are alive.

I chose a couple of stones for inspection. A long slender “river rock”, turned into an adze by some ancient fore-bearer, was the first “test-piece”. Ruatau used it on Peter and was pleased.

He uses it in many fashions.

So I am under Ruatau’s hands. And it is good. After a lot of pressing and manipulating, I turn onto my back. We are almost done of the day. The worse is over.

He used the stone to press into my pectoral muscles.Like Peter uses his fingers n thumb, Ruatau presses the stone deep, between tissue, alongside bone… Deep… did I say deep? DEEP?

I could not, not laugh. It tickled so much. And I was not laughing, I was hysterical. Blinded by pain and responding to the “tickle” response I was hysterical. And it felt good. My tears flowed. I was soaked in sweat, from a shot of adrenaline.

Ruatau, I think, got  a bit annoyed. He suggested we do the other chest, I said I was OK, it just tickled. So he continued and I continued. For a long-assed while. And I laughed uncontrollably. Ruatau said to me, “Doesn’t it hurt?”. Laughing like an idiot, I relied “yes it fucking hurts!”. And laughed more.

I know the body holds memories, emotion, unhappiness… the lot. I can only assume that Ruatau and his stone hit some memory button on me that was indeed happy. I am flying like a kite.

After the laughing massage session; Paul, his ladies, us lads, we all went down to the Mandana for some raw fish.It was very good. Three species of raw fish: Maori Rass, Bonito, and Snapper. And heaps of it.

It was a fun gathering. Betsy is a good Matron. Paul is always good company. Electra and Tolia are quiet and shy.

They eat like Tongan Rugby Players.

Lucky 13 was in good form. She and I are good buddies. We sit pretty every afternoon, between sessions, on the mat with the dogs. We play mandolin, and eat ants, and french kiss the puppies. It is good fun.

While I was “shopping” in the Tambu site for Ruatau’s stone (I have named the stone “Laughing Lady”) I found some ol’ Jiku for Lucky… look closely you’ll see them on her arms. Small shell rings of an unknown age…They look real good… Lucky 13, custom Girlie straight….

2015-10-25 19.58.42-2


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