Posted by: nativeiowan | October 24, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… Tradewinds, Massage, and howling dawgs…

The Sou’easterly blows dry. I think I was dyslexic before and said, “Sou’Westerly”.

A few days from full moon. Lets check… Looks like the 28th is full moon. Perfect for All Saints Day.

So two intense session on the torture, uhh, massage table. It has been good. Lots of mobility back in the injured joint. This morning we had fun… Peter whaled the daylights outta me, then he did Ruatau.

2015-10-24 11.36.38

After, Ruatau worked on Peter. We all have chronic shoulder injuries. Mine is my left. Ruatau’s is his right. Peter carries two damaged shoulders. It’ll be a long few days as we all manage our processes of healing.

By far I am the noisiest. Ruatau breaths deeply when it gets tough. I don’t think I heard a sound from Peter. I adhere to the “Howling Dawg” school of pain management.

This morning Peter had me in a real lather. I could feel a bit of shock creeping in; a touch of nausea, a twinge in my bowels, as he stretched my arm joint loose and reassembled it.

It is a good gig. I am fortunate to be able to commit/ dedicate intensive time with such gifted healers.

Charles Mingus says “Better Get it into your Soul”…


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