Posted by: nativeiowan | October 23, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… Motrocycle+Madness=Massage

Not a formula normally thought rational. But then, when am I rational?

I am paying the price for my hubris and good fortune. In July I had a very positive near-miss at 80mph…

I was well shaken, monstrously invigorated, and have been sore since. My back and neck took a good bang, a minor compression resulted. Recovery was as to be expected. But my old shoulder injury got worse. Much worse. The price I pay.

So I sit in Honiara. A lovely, warm, humid, tropical night. My luck still runs, I have Ruatau and Peter here for the weekend. Both are Polynesian Healers.

Peter has been a part of my life/ my family for a solid 15 years. He beat my sciatica into place in 2000. 10 days, twice a day, he prescribed. My back is strong.

But my shoulder sucks the wazzilly. It’s effecting everything. Hell, I even went to the doctor, got an X-ray.

This time its 5 days, three times a day. I puss’d out this eve and did some boxing and weights. The process of laying still for more than two hours and letting a strong, anatomically-savy, experienced Healer beat the beans outta’ you is tiresome. And they have beat n battered, n pulled n prodded n torn, twisted n tweeted my darn shoulder so much, I am gun-shy as hell.

So I trained rather than lay back on the table.

It was to be Peter’s turn this eve. His 80 year old fingers produce not only stars, but tweeting birds, at the same time. It is a toe curling, teeth gnashing, sphincter puckering experience. Tomorrow morn Ruatau can start off. I shall not sleep anticipating the “fun”.

Ruatau is a Miri Miri Healer. Part of the Arts Elemental “collective”/ family.

And I am one lucky fool.

I am confident I’ll get my shoulder back. And the discussion and tales and laughter and energy in between the pain and gnashing is pretty cool, too.

And I smile.

And I dance.

More later

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