Posted by: nativeiowan | September 25, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… Time Travels never end

I am sitting in the departure lounge at LAX. It has been a couple interesting days.

Part of what makes things interesting is I have not managed to keep very good track of the days lately. Knowing what DAY it is, let alone the DATE, well, really. Its common, isn’t it? To simply not know what day or date it is. Well, in my retired life It has become common for me not to know what DAY it is, and often I have no clue what the DATE is. I got stung by my own inability to manage time this past week…

I started the week thinking my flight was on Tuesday. The date is/ was meaningless. The 24th is the date but all I had in my head was that I flew on Tuesday. And when it wasn’t Tuesday it, in my mind, became Wednesday. I was lucky that it was indeed Thursday… not sure if I could have managed so many fallow days fudged through inattentiveness.

So, it is Thursday the 24th of September and I am heading back down south. After a couple false starts I am heading back to the land of Oz.

Been on the road a bit over 3 weeks. It has all been good…


The long miles through this glorious landscape. The hotels and diners and roadside stops. All good for a story and helpful for a wandering soul.

Drove through Washington and Oregon. My first time to tour both. Each worth the time and energy. I need to decide what states I have not been to. Need to make an effort to get east, east of the Mississippi… Of the lower 48 US states I have never been to Florida, North or South Carolina, New York – state or city, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont, Maine, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island… Been to Virginia but not West Virginia. And I don’t think I have been through Mississippi or Alabama. Guess next spring has a plan forming…

As the past weeks flashed past I thought of many topical comments worth my words and my readers’ time. The Pope’s past few days here in the land of the Free has been interesting. He is charismatic. Let see if his influence is indeed influential.

I like the idea he turned down much with the US Congress, instead he went to a soup kitchen. No doubt there is much better company in a soup kitchen than in the US Congress.

I see a lot of waste where ever I go. Not just the USofA, but most everywhere I travel I see too much waste. One thing I see wasted too often is time and energy… Our society(s) spend far too much time playing up n dancing around issues of import but not of Priority. Makes me think we are afraid of some of our more pressing issues, afraid to confront or inspect or discuss many issues… so we make a big deal out of matter of a lower priority… The Race-card, the gender-chip, the sexual bias or the PC-based concepts of what is acceptable… I get confused… The likes of Al Sharpton can be a racist-shit but you can’t call him one. Black lives matter, but white lives are not PC so can’t be sloganeered. Calling Pigs, PIGS is not new. But targeting them is unacceptable. But a white cop shooting a black is news. A Black cop shooting either a black or white kid is less than news. And a black citizen shooting another black citizen is so common place it is no longer news at all.

We want and need more so we can waste more… the US spends heaps more than any country, per capita, for medical care. But offers so much less, much less than one would expect for the money invested. And I simply do not get it.

But that’s OK, I don’t get a lot of things… like what day or date it is… Call me Retarded… er, Retired…

More later


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