Posted by: nativeiowan | September 13, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… 4 wheels through the USA

Been a while since I did much herein. I blame it on facebook! It is all too easy, all too easy to snap a pict n shoot it off. It is much harder to write.

This trip started on a Tuesday, when I landed in LA. I grabbed the rental on Wednesday and spent that night in Mesquite, NV. I overslept on Thursday and drove an OK distance, sleeping in Frisco, CO. Considering I had derided my self for being an ol-fart (yes, it is one, hyphenated word) I pulled a long-haul n drove from Frisco to Des Moines on Friday. Lets see…

pas - dsm copy

So spent five nights in Iowa. Saw a lot of people n drove around quite a bit. Iowa is an interesting place.

I headed west outta Des moines Wednesday morning. I had been undecided thinking I might drive south into Texas. Had considered driving into the east-coast. But I heard Montana calling.

On my way out of Iowa I stopped by Baxter’s at Marne, and slept that night in Vermillion, S.D. Thursday found me spending the night in Gillette, WY.Friday was a fun, fun drive into the Rockies. I really, really enjoy and am inspired by Montana. What a landscape!

dsm - spk copy

Had a fun, fun night with Cath n the kids in Missoula. A late breakfast with the Fam and Grandpa Roger, then I hit the road.

I had a short drive today but it was cool… I got three states in as many hours… Montana to Idaho to Washington… All good, good drivn country.

wc copy

I forgot the reverse time-travel and arrived in Spokane thinking it was 3pm. It was 2. I checked in and was told I get to sit an hour before the room is ready. Which is good, better than good… It is grand that I “had-to” sit here. I didn’t want to drive anywhere. Today is a rest day of sorts. I am on my down-hill run and may do it fast or do it slow. I’ll decide later. There are many miles yet to come.

But today, this eve… no rush or fuss. I’ll check in with ol’ friend Hal. I am told there is good live music at 6pm so I-Am-In.

Time to grab a key, have a bath n prepare…


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