Posted by: nativeiowan | September 12, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… Baxter Motorcycles ROCK!!!!

Gotta say… Baxter Motorcycles Rock…


Gotta say… been throwing them fast balls n curve balls and “wobblies”, as the Britts would say… and every time I get my parts.

I am rebuilding a 58 SuperRocket… IMG_2348

This is a couple year project… IMG_2346 IMG_2345 IMG_2342 IMG_2063 IMG_2060 IMG_0676  IMG_2068

And we needed a ship-load of parts… A 57 yr old bike… I need parts… I contact Baxter Motorcycles in Marne Iowa…

I get my parts!

As a NativeIowan, this makes me feel real good.

Randy is a legend.

Chris is a champion…

Baxter Motorcycles ROCK!!!!


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