Posted by: nativeiowan | September 2, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… Time Travel

About 5am here in Pasadena, CA. I have been up for about an hour. Will make a small pot of coffee soon. Plan to grab a rental car pretty soon, then hit the road.

Ioway bound…

I think I have my Time-Travel illnesses all in order. I managed to keep moving until about 8pm last eve. I was awake enough so I can state with confidence that I turned the TV off in the early parts of the movie, “Top Gun”. Woke at least twice to pump the bilges, was pretty much awake around 3am and lights on by 4.

Time-Travel can be a bitch.

So I sit, in the pre-dawn quiet of the city. The only noise I hear is my refrigerator.

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go… or so the song goes…

I always like cross-country road-tripping in this vast land. There are maybe, MAYBE; lands that offer different, or more, or exotic or… But the US of A is the land of the long-straight-road. I am always inspired by the landscapes, and the people, and the road-sides, and the adventure a few thousands miles travel can offer here.

So, it’s on the road again… another song… I’ll head through Vegas and through the Rockies. Nebraska looms large and boring out there. But Ioway is on the other side of that expanse called Nebraska. A very Catholic thing in my mind… gotta go through Hell (Nebraska) to get to Purgatory (Iowa). “Where is Heaven”, I hear you ask…

I have found many heavens in my time. Heaven, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder…

For me, these days; heaven is hanging with my grandkids, or scratching a mangy dog’s belly and watching the dog smile in delight, or making a 50 yr old engine come back to life, or a great big pot of ol-skool beans that took me 10 hours to cook, or my garden busting with veggies… or, maybe-  OR… roses in bloom. OR: A chilled morning where the fog hangs like a bridal veil over our property in Queensland. OR…A blazing red and orange sunrise seen from the waters between Gizo and Simbo. Heaven is polishing a vintage motorcycle to showroom brightness… Heaven is so many things that I gotta smile and idiot’s grin of pleasure and childish delight…



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